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Despite being regularly climbed by hundreds of climbers ever year, Mount Everest is still one of the deadliest mountains on Earth. The upcoming movie, Everest, will tell of the plight of several climbers during the 1996 Everest disaster, but here is a breakdown of some of the real climbers who lost their lives to the treacherous mountain.

George Mallory (Cause of death: Fall/Head Trauma)

George was one of the first climbers to ever attempt Everest. He died in 1924 and wasn't found and/or identified until 1999. Nobody is sure whether he made it to the top and was on his way down, or if he had died before ever getting there. Either way, he's gone down in history.

Francys Astentiev (Cause of death: Exposure/Cerebral Edema)

Francys climbed with her husband in 1998, and the two lost one another. They tried to find each other, obviously having no access to cell phones or ways to regain contact with one another, so they were unable to reunite. Francys and her husband, Sergei, both died on the mountain. Sergei was found a year later and he apparently died after a fall.

Some other climbers felt bad and gave Francys a more dignified death with an American flag the next time they came by her.

Hannelore Schmatz (Cause of death: Exposure/Exhaustion)

Hannelore is a German climber who died from exposure and exhaustion back in 1979. She was the first woman to die on Mt. Everest. Apparently, she stopped to rest and leaned up against her backpack. It left her body propped in this weird way, as you can see above. Also, it seems many people fall asleep and never wake up...

Tsewang Paljor (Cause of death: Exposure)

His nickname became 'Green Boots,' because of the boots that stick out from his body that was left in the snow after extreme exposure during a blizzard in 1996.

Marko Lihteneker (Cause of death: Exposure/Exhaustion)

This Slovenian man died during his descent in 2005. He was last seen having problems with his oxygen mask. His body is 8,800m from the bottom.

David Sharp (Cause of death: Exposure/Exhaustion)

David was a British climber who stopped to rest near 'Green Boots' back in '06. He froze in place and was unable to continue his climb. People actually walked by him, saw he was still alive, and couldn't help him. Brutal. It is apparently more dangerous to stop and try to help someone on Everest than it is to be the person who is being helped. I wouldn't want to be either of the folks, though.

Shriya Shah–Klorfine (Cause of death: Exhaustion)

Shriya reached the summit in 2012. Supposedly, she spent 25 minutes celebrating her victory before beginning her descent. She ultimately ran out of oxygen and died from exhaustion. Her body is 300m below the summit, draped in a Canadian flag.

Everest came out September 18, 2015 and is in theaters now.

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