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Hello readers! Cj is here with yet another 5 Day Challenge. The great Paul Singh has challenged me to the 5 Day Gif Challenge; so my apologies to all of those with slow wi-fi and crappy (but reliable) computers like mine who struggle to open this article.

We at moviepilot don't want to keep throwing the same stuff at you guys, so this challenge is a bit different. This time we have certain scenarios which we can pick from and use gifs to tell a story. We can make up our own also; but since this is the first day, I decided not to be creative or original and just choose one from the list.

Here is the list of scenarios to choose from if you want to make your own:

  • An awkward family film viewing
  • A date that didn't go well OR exceeded expectations
  • Watching an emotional film :'-(
  • Watching your first Rated-R film
  • A horror flick that you were NOT ready for and/or haunted you for days after
  • When you have high expectations for a film and it flops
  • Binge watching a TV series when you KNOW you should go to sleep
  • Watching a film and everyone else around you is on their phones/being obnoxious
  • That moment when you DIDN'T see the plot twist coming
  • Watching a film that's got you laughing uncontrollably

I CHOOSE YOU!: Binge watching a TV series when you KNOW you should go to sleep

I mainly chose this because my story happened just last night. I knew I should go to sleep so I could get the kids up for school but a certain series just wouldn't let me go. That show was:

Sense8 is not an easy show to binge watch or get through at all if you're not into slow building exposition and story. When you first start watching, it can be hard not to start to lose interest.

Part of the problem is the trailer makes it look action packed but you watch the show and it's a slow paced, world building mystery about people living their lives. I get it though showing literally anything else would ruin the storyline for people. Still you can't go in expecting action and not be a little disappointed when your brain is forced to switch into drama mode.

I had gotten so annoyed waiting for just anything to happen with these 8 strangers.

Even though I was annoyed with the waiting whenever the next episode came on I didn't stop it and just kept watching.

I had gotten entranced by the show without even knowing it. These people's lives, and their conversations, started to matter to me. I started to wonder where these plot points were going to take them. Then things started to pick up.

Weird stuff started happening.

Lots of sex happened.

Relationships started brewing.

Sun started kicking all of the ass

Annoying bad people were annoying

Scheming bad people kept scheming

The "sensates" were all going through their own different problems and when they were in a crisis you waited for one of the others to finally help them out.

Sometimes no one helped.

The transitions were kind of weird. A couple of times in the beginning I got lost.

Then the main villains showed up. Not the bad people in the sensates personal lives, but the ones that threatened them all. The real villain.

Nomi stopped being kind of annoying and started being really awesome

Lito stopped being kind of annoying and started being interesting, and his magic mike impression was pretty fun.

People started doing things they weren't supposed to be doing with people they weren't supposed to be doing them with.

Suddenly I was 9 episodes in and it was already 2 a.m. I had a choice, go to sleep and somehow try to be back up at 6 to wake the kids up or go for another episode.

So I turned everything off and decided to go to sleep. At least that was the plan. My brain started racing about what was going to happen on the show and I needed to know. I would have been fine if I knew the show wasn't coming back on for another week but knowing it was right there and I could watch it drove me crazy.

So I got back up and turned everything back on. My sister got ready for work and asked if I had been to sleep yet.

The sensates started working together like some awesome supernatural A-team

Then it ended. It all culminated into an entertaining final act that left me anxiously awaiting more. Now I'm waiting for season 2. This show really likes to make me wait.

So I haven't slept at all yet. I got the kids up. I didn't want to do anything and I was sluggish for a while, but I still had obligations around the house.

I realized that it was probably silly to do. Staying up all night binging tv shows is a weekend thing. The world probably wouldn't have ended if I had went to sleep around episode 2 when it was still early and picked the show back up in the morning.

Still, I definitely loved watching the show and can't wait to get more.

Well hope you enjoyed my little "gif story". Another decision I'm going to regret is using my best gifs on the first day. Oh well luckily the internet is a treasure trove of awesome gif sets. Thank God I don't have to try to make these on my own or I definitely wouldn't have been able to do this challenge. So, to all the awesome people out there making gif sets the world, and I, thanks you.

Don't wait to get invited or challenged, make your own if you want to or it's never too late to check out one of our other challenges from previous weeks.


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