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15 years ago, one of the most iconic sports AND race-based movies of all time, Remember the Titans, hit theaters. It will forever go down in history as one of the only movies to make football terminology resonate with people who don't necessarily understand the game. In fact, I would argue that you didn't at all have to be a football fan to like this movie.

Of course, when I mention football terminology, I'm referring to the classic "left side, strong side" scene that perfectly expresses the primal nature of the game and the bonding element of it for young men as well. I mean, if Denzel Washington is your coach, you're going to give it your all... and overcome your differences to reach the team's overall goal.

Here's the scene I'm referring to, which was one of the big ones focusing around the elements of racial tension and manliness that kind of come with the territory on the football field:

Take a look at the cast from the film and what they're up to now, 15 years later.

Denzel Washington as Coach Herman Boone

Denzel was a star long before this movie and will remain one long after it, but I think that this is still one of his most defining roles. There were a few complaints from the real-life coaches and players who worked and played alongside the real coach about how realistic the portrayal was. But no matter how valid the script was, there is no denying Denzel's acting was stellar.

Donald Faison as Petey Jones

Faison would go on to reach peak stardom on Scrubs alongside Zach Braff - their bromance stealing the hearts of millions. The show debuted only a year after this film, so you could easily venture to say that this role helped him land that career-making television series. He's also done voice-work on Robot Chicken and appears on The Exes as Phil Chase. He's set to appear in Hot Bot and The Perfect Match.

Hayden Panettiere as Sheryl Yoast

I distinctly remember watching Heroes when it first came out and thinking it was "the coach's daughter from Remember the Titans" who I was watching on the screen. It was somewhat difficult to get past that. However, she's gone leaps and bounds in her career, most notably starring in Nashville, which has been a huge success. She's matured into a beautiful woman and a successful actress to boot.

Kate Bosworth as Emma Hoyt

Kate Bosworth is yet another star from the cast, having appeared in many big movies and TV series' since. She is currently starring on The Art of More, a TV series that is currently in pre-production. She's also set to star in Heist and Life on the Line within the year.

Ethan Suplee as Louie Lastik

Having lost a little bit of weight since playing a football player back in 2000, Ethan is now living in New York City and continuing to enjoy a fruitful acting career. He had a role on Raising Hope, appeared in Wolf of Wall Street, appeared in True Story, and Tooken. He was also Randy Hickey in My Name is Earl... a show that left the air a bit too soon, IMHO.

Kip Pardue as Ronnie 'Sunshine' Bass

Pretty much every blonde kid to ever play quarterback for ANY football team after this movie was made was tagged with the nickname 'Sunshine'. I can speak on this with full certainty since I had a Sunshine on my high school football team too. His character was the sun-soaked QB they needed to lead their passing attack and he did so with his own style. The actor who portrayed him, Kip Pardue is currently filming two movies: Outcast and American Fable.

Ryan Gosling as Alan Bosley

We all know Ryan Gosling became a huge star after this movie, so instead of talking about what he's up to now, I'll leave you with this Tweet that surfaced recently and is incredibly hilarious:

Ryan Hurst as Gerry Bertier

Ryan Hurst would propel himself into an amazing career, and it's certainly a fact that this role as Gerry was a big key to getting his foot in the door for a lot of huge roles. Most notably, he was Harry 'Opie' Winston on Sons of Anarchy. He's also currently filming a TV series called Outsiders.

Will Patton as Coach Bill Yoast

You can find him playing Colonel Weaver on TV series Falling Skies. He's also got a movie in post-production called You Can't Win.

Wood Harris as Julius Campbell

Wood Harris played Gale in Ant-Man. He is also going to appear in Creed, Going Under, and he was recently announced to be in Sweetwater.

Nicole Ari Parker as Carol Boone

Playing Denzel's wife... in any movie... is legit. But Nicole proved to have staying power, especially as a TV actress having appeared in all of the following shows for a substantial amount of time: Murder in the First, Revolution, The Deep End, Second Time Around, Soul Food, and The System.


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