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Comic book writer Mark Millar has long been celebrated by fans as the man whose fingerprints are quietly all over the superhero movie genre (including being the writer behind the original [Marvel: Civil War](tag:2346746)), and celebrated by people within the comic book industry for being a champion for comic book artists' and writers' rights.

In a lengthy interview I did with him earlier this year, he spoke passionately about his dream, through his creator-owned Millarworld publishing company, of adapting 25 movies based on his work over the course of his career. His goal is to split the profits between himself and each artist that worked on the original comic book, so that that artist is taken care of for life, and projects like The Hero Initiative, a fund set up to help poor comic book artists, never has to exist again.

Image: Nerd Reactor
Image: Nerd Reactor

And guess what? Now, Millar wants you to be a part of his dream.

Right now, and through October 30th, he is accepting writing and drawing samples on Millarworld by aspiring writers and artists from all over. At the end of the submission period, he'll choose six writers and six artists and then pair them together to create short stories featuring Millar's own characters. Those stories will then be bundled together and published in the first ever "Annual Millarworld New Talent Showcase." All the proceeds from the book will go toward The Hero Initiative.

But that's not all. While the people behind most contests like this would assume being chosen for inclusion would be prize enough, Millar is remaining true to his word about wanting the people who work with him to get monetary compensation for their hard work. So each team will also be paid an industry page rate for their stories.

With Millarworld only getting stronger and gaining momentum, and business ventures like comic book powerhouse couple Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction's Milkfed Mastermind Criminals that aim to put more power and money back into creators' hands, we may very well be seeing the outdated model of the "Big 2" finally becoming obsolete.

The internet. It's a wonderful thing. And so is Mark Millar's New Talent Showcase.

(Source: NY Times)


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