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Nick Dalton

Shallow Water is now a Kickstarter movie! Independentatly directed by hollywood special fx wizard Sandy Corolla. For any of you who miss the good ol' days like the 80's. I mean who doesn't love predator, aliens or even terminator. I know I do. Sandy has really crafted a true master piece. He is very energetic and passionate about his fans. His work can be found here on IMDB (Sandy Corolla). The movie focuses around a group of fishermen who are deep in the heart of the gulf for an uncharted fishing expedition.

The fishermen abruptly realize they are in over way their heads. When confronted with an omen. A statue of a creature foreshadowing a very limited stay in the Tiburonera's territory in the vast but shallows of the sea of Cortez.

This movie is going to pave the way for a new wave of creature features. So what are you waiting for head over to kickstarter and search " Shallow Water"


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