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The Ancient Kaiju Project is a series of paintings added to existing paintings to create a sense of worlds colliding! This project is the work of Oliver Wetter, a German artist who just wanted to do something a little different. In his words:

"This is a project I'm really passionate about. Roughly inspired by the thriftstore painting movement that started somewhere in 2010. Today there is still a trend to remix existing traditional works of low value to create something new of either equal or higher value.

But this is something I'm not interested in, for one thing it is an ethical question to vandalize original artworks and there is no learning curve attached to it - so in this regard it does not make sense to me.

The result is a series of mash-up-artworks that are both; a declaration of love to the old Hudson River School and a tribute to the popular modern cult icons of our times.

My ambition in following this series is to keep in the back of my mind that if the original artists would still be alive - I would want them to approve of my remix/cover version."

His additions of Kaiju, AT-AT's, Godzilla, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in The Sky, and The Iron Giant to the paintings are striking and feel as though they were part of the originals all along. The original paintings were done by Albert Bierstadt, an American painter best known for his lavish, sweeping landscapes of the American West. To gain the inspiration for his paintings, Bierstadt travelled many times with several groups of the Westward Expansion.


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