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Time to make the chimi-friggin'-changas!
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Zoom is Coming!

Voiced by Tony Todd, Zoom is set to be the newest villain of Flash's Season 2. The CW has released a new clip which includes a glimpse of Zoom, among other things.

But before the clip, take a look at some fan art for Zoom:

Zoom fan art, "The Flash"
Zoom fan art, "The Flash"
Zoom fan art, "The Flash"
Zoom fan art, "The Flash"

The Flash Season 2 Trailer

And without further ado, take a look at Zoom at the 19 second mark of the following video:

If he was too fast for you (see what I did there?) and you didn't catch him (I'm too funny!) in the video, take a look at this picture:

Now, Who Could This "Zoom" Be?

The number one choice, as of now, is the Rival:

The Rival is listed as the number one possibility because there seems to be an indication that this "Zoom" is from Earth-2. The same place Jay Garrick is from. This seems as if Zoom came from the portal that left us hanging at the end of the Flash season finale. Plus, The Rival, as you can see in the above picture, also has a blue aura. Another giveaway is that Jay Garrick has come to warn Barry of this enemy which tells us that Garrick knows this man. But the question is, if he is, indeed, the Rival, then why is he being called Zoom?

Among other things, we also caught a few glimpses of Jay Garrick played by Teddy Sears. Take a look:

Here's your exclusive, new look at Teddy Sears in full costume as Jay Garrick, in all his glory!

And look at this amazing piece of fan art as shared by Teddy Sears:

A modern take on this classic comic:

And of course, Jay Garrick's trademark helmet:

He's also got his own promo:


Which character are you most excited for?


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