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Ridley Scott, the British filmmaker responsible for the original Blade Runner film was out on a promotional tour for his latest film, The Martian, when he spoke with Jordan Zarakin of Yahoo! Movies recently. They spoke about bits of everything from promoting The Martian to sequels for Prometheus and Blade Runner as well as his work on Exodus.

For those who may not know, Ridley was paramount in setting the tone for countless generations of science-fiction thrillers; starting with 1978's Alien and the epic Blade Runner. In the last 30+ years, he has worked on just about every genre from crime dramas to historical ventures; yet over the last 5 years he has returned to his roots in the sci-fi genre with the 2012 film Prometheus and the highly anticipated film starring Matt Damon, The Martian.

You can read the entire interview here, but the interesting pieces to take away from the interview are:

Blade Runner

  • Deckard IS a replicant and the sequel faces that reality
    Ridley Scott has said it before, and he repeated this sentiment in the interview that Harrison Ford's character truly is a replicant and he will have to face that knowledge in this film, which will be interesting to see.

  • Ryan Gosling will be taking over the Blade Runner franchise
    He's going to be the future of Blade Runner and Ridley would love to see the movies continue beyond just this one sequel.


  • Prometheus 2 takes some leading from Paradise Lost by Milton
    Paradise Lost is where the basis for the darkness in Prometheus 2 comes from: the deep darkness buried inside, the battle for understanding and search for truth.

  • Prometheus 2 WILL go to the home world of the Engineer to discover the truth
    Shaw and David will travel to the 'spooky' home world in search of the truth about who would create such an awful bio-mechanical creature, a massive piece of bacteria.

  • Prometheus 2 is officially titled Alien: Paradise Lost
    (Empire Magazine Interview earlier this month)

    Partly because of where it takes it's direction from the Milton poem, but also because he's going to explore how the Xenomorph was created and why. Ultimately revealing more insight on the mysterious derelict crash on LV-426 than the first Prometheus did.

So there you have it, some new insight as to where both of these potential ongoing series' are headed. Are you excited?


Which of these Ridley Scott films are you more excited about?


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