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You might not have received your Hogwarts letter in the mail at age 11, but today you're finally getting an invitation to attend the magical school, even if only for a few hours.

Even better, those lucky enough to attend the following event will get to visit Hogwarts during the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas.

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London, where much of the Hogwarts scenes were filmed, is officially offering Potterheads worldwide a visit to the school for a festive Hogwarts feast in the Great Hall.

The 'Dinner in the Great Hall' event, taking place on December 3, will offer drinks, canapés, flaming Christmas puddings, Butterbeer, music, dancing and more on the iconic set surrounded by authentic Harry Potter props.

Guests will be seated in groups of ten, but no word as to whether there will be a Sorting Hat ceremony prior to seating assignments.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Not only will you have access to the Great Hall, but guests will be able to explore other famous Harry Potter haunts like the Gryffindor common room, the Weasley’s kitchen at The Burrrow, Platform 9 ¾, Diagon Alley, and the Hogwarts castle model.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

If the promise of food, drinks, and a night of Harry Potter-themed fun isn't enough to entice you, guests will also get to take home a souvenir to remember their night at Hogwarts.

Likely calling Garrick Ollivander out of retirement, each attendee will receive their very own wand, no testing necessary.

Since I'm stuck here in the U.S., making the pilgrimage to London seems a bit out of reach. But if any of you readers across the pond can make the trip on behalf of your stateside Potterhead friends, please do so and drop me an owl so we can hear all about it.

To look into tickets for the event, visit the Warner Bros. London Studio Tour page.

(Source: WB Studio Tour)


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