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After the success of its first season, there is no question why Marvel quickly signed Daredevil up for Season 2. With the new season still in the process of filming, many fans are curious who the antagonist will be this time around.

There are plenty of options from the given cast for who could be the main villain, but it is a tough call. Some people predict that it will be Wilson Fisk again, returning to seek his revenge. Many others predict it will be Punisher or Elektra, given that they are both antiheroes in the comics (meaning they could swing either way on the good-bad spectrum).

By looking at the cast list, here are six possibilities of who the main antagonist of Daredevil's second season could be:

1. Wilson Fisk - Kingpin

Vincent D'Onofrio is confirmed to reprise his role as Wilson Fisk during the second season. After being the main antagonist in the first season, many people are predicting he will once again pose as the primary threat. Fisk is a fearless and powerful man who doesn't let anything get in his way from him completing a task, so it might make sense.

It is possible we may see the Kingpin make his grand return in Season 2, this time with his full gaze on taking down Daredevil. Of course, that may get too repetitive to some of the fans, so he may not be the best choice to be the main villain a second time.

2. Frank Castle - Punisher

The Punisher has perhaps been the most talked about subject for Season 2, with the new logo including bullet holes to note his arrival. Many people are predicting he will be the villain as he is often seen as one in the comics.

I, however, do not believe we will be seeing Punisher as the primary villain. I believe at the start he may play an opposing role, but the Punisher himself is not a villain at heart. He fights for what is good in the world, he just tends to be rather brutal when he does it. He will most likely be the villain at the start of the season, but I think he'll team-up with Daredevil to take down whoever the primary villain will be at the ending.

3. Blake Tower

Blake Tower is an attorney who is confirmed to be played by Stephen Rider in the season. He has been described as a character who gives Daredevil information on the whereabouts of criminals. My theory on this character, however, is that he may be friends with Daredevil, but foes with Matt Murdock (Daredevil's secret identity).

In the comics, Tower competed with Foggy Nelson (Matt's partner) for District Attorney. Perhaps this competition may turn Tower into the antagonist, as he will likely be competing with Murdock as well. In fact, this may lead the season into the story arc from the comics of Matt's identity being leaked to the public (in this case, by Tower) and having him desperately plead that it is not true. Blake Tower may pose as the primary villain, but as a political villain who draws the line between Matt Murdock and Daredevil.

4. Stick

Stick, Daredevil's former mentor, is also confirmed to return during Season 2. When we saw him in the first season of the show, he began playing an antagonistic role to Daredevil, ending with a fight between the two blind heroes.

Perhaps in the second season, Stick may return as the primary villain. He may, in fact, have Elektra working for him (to introduce her in the show) and have some sort of twisted plan with a false sense of righteousness that Daredevil must stop. It would be similar to Ra's al Ghul's role in Batman Begins.

5. Vanessa Marianna

Vanessa, Wilson Fisk's fiance, is also set to return during the second season. The last time we saw her, she escaped on a helicopter after realizing her beloved Wilson was not coming back. We do not know what became of Vanessa after that.

But we do know that she will be returning. Perhaps she may play the role of the villain, taking over for Kingpin while he is in prison. This would bring back the threat Daredevil already fought against, but now with a different leader who could end up being very passionate about getting revenge on the blind superhero.

6. Elektra

Elektra, like the Punisher, is known for being an antihero. But, unlike the Punisher, Elektra is often an antihero because she is fighting for the wrong cause.

During the second season, we may see Elektra working for the Hand, who appeared during Season 1. In fact, we may see Elektra play both the main antagonist role and the love interest role to Daredevil, creating a very difficult challenge for the hero to overcome. In my opinion, Elektra is the most likely character on this list to be the main antagonist.

Of the current list of cast members for the second season, these are the six characters who are most likely to play the main antagonist. But the truth is we do not know just yet. Anything could happen. Foggy Nelson may end up being the villain - probably not, though. Or it may be possible that they have not announced the character yet and will just wait for the season's premiere to release the information. When it comes to Marvel, there is no telling what they will do.

Who do you think will be the main antagonist in Daredevil Season 2? Let me know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!


Who do you think will be the main villain this season?



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