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I am one of those sappy people at weddings who begins crying as soon as the band begins to play 'Here Comes the Bride.' I can't help it. I just get so incredibly emotional, long before the bride and groom enter. It would be embarrassing, except I cry a lot, so people are just used to it now.

As I type this article on a tear-streaked keyboard, I am honestly feeling all the feels one possibly can over this insanely adorable story regarding a father, a stepfather, and their love for their daughter.

Todd Bachman was more than ecstatic about walking his daughter down the isle, but he knew he wasn't the only man who needed to send her off.

Father of the bride on the left and Stepfather of the bride on the right...2 men raising daughters.

Posted by Delia D Blackburn Photography on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Brittany Peck, Bachman's daughter, felt that she needed to respect another crucial male in her life, her stepfather Todd Cendrosky.

Two weeks before the wedding, Peck contacted her father, bothered by the fact that she wasn't sure how to include Cendrosky into the ceremony.

But Bachman had a plan all along. He kept his surprise a secret until the day of the wedding. As Bachman walked up the isle, he grabbed Cendrosky's hand at the last minute and the two walked Peck down the aisle.

Photographer Delia D. Blackburn had this to say about the wedding: "Not a dry eye at the ceremony... including me. Families are what we make them... make it about your kids and not your ego."

Pass the tissues ASAP, because this is just way too sweet and sentimental for me right now. It's incredibly wonderful that this father cared the most about his daughter and making her wedding the absolute best it could be. Now that's true love.

*sobs uncontrollable tears of happiness*

That's a real man right there.

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