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first off, let me just say the mass effect series is awwweesome!! next, i think having Kiefer Sutherland play Garrus is WRONG! and not just because he's one of my least favourite actors on the planet. has he even done anything like this before? it's just wrong in soooo many ways. and Erica Cerra....while the face is almost a match, the voice doesn't match. it's to rough. so no to her too. Cobie Cmulders is going to dye her hair for this, right? otherwise, good choice. i'm not too sure about Joel Edgerton. i like him, but...can he do it right?? Theo James? well.....i think he'd be amazing at it. ron perlman as wrex? he'd have to make his voice deeper, but since he's been a kick-ass red demon from hell, then he can certainly be a krogan! Gal Gadot....she has the accent for it, but....i guess she can do it...has she done something like this before? what's been her practice? Gemma Arterton is a perfect choice, so there's nothing bad to say there. i love her! Ethan Embry.....i don't know whether to say don't make me laugh, or....yeah, don't make me laugh. Tony Todd as Anderson? his voice isn't right, and he wouldn't be able to do Anderson justice. big fat NO. Helen Mirren as Dr. Chakwas is perfect!! she's do amazing things with her. Jeremy Irons as Saren is perfect, and he totally has the voice. yes to Cate Blanchett. hope she does better than Marina Sirtis.....

yes yes yes! please do make a mass effect movie! i would see it over and over and over again!!!!

now let's start "calibrating", cause "i should go." Keelah sa


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