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I am not a movie critic, I am just a guy who loves movies

The amazing spider-man 1 form 2012 is a great spider-man film, and its also a truly great spider-man film in genrel. The amazing spider-man 1 is a film that is pretty much posetive, and what i mean by that is the fans of spider-man and the critics think this film is good or great, but some people do hate it but again that is there opinion. So without futher ado lets start the review for the amazing spider-man 1 a 2012 film. The plot/story peter parker is a teenage kid hows in high school and he gets bullyed alot and but them he get superhuman powers of a spider and than he hast to learn that with great power comes great reponsability, and than he hast to fight the new villain in town the lizard.

The good. The action is great and very fun, and seeing spider-man swing form building to building in this film is a trure pleasure to watch, and if you seen the film you probaly know what i mean :). The acting is very well done. The score is very well done as well, and alot of people complane about the score/music and how its not memrable at all in the amazing spider-man 1, and you know what i have to saw to that well some movies dont have to have memrable music all the time so i hope that might clear up some of there problems but again its there opinion we all agree to disagree. The characters i just love in this film. The visuals in this film are fantastic. Spide-rman him self is so well done in this film. And gwen stacy is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good in this film and i just love the chimestry between peter parker and gwen stacy, and actually all the chimestry between the characters is all well done and fantastic as well. So went for a while talking aobut how this film is so good, so i think that its time for the bad. :) :) :)

The bad. I Know thers not much bad stuff that i have to say about this film, but my main complant is the villain the lizard, iam sorry i just dont think that hes all the devaloped all that well in the film. Final verdict/rating. 8 our of 10 The amazing spider-man 1 form 2012 is a great film with incredable visuals effects and awesome action scenes with some really great characters. so overall iam going to give the amazing spider-man 1 a 8 out of 10

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