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I was nominated to join this challenge by the fantastic Rose Moore herself, so like it or lump it, here we go!

Day One of this challenge was to find a 90's comedy (tv show or film) that you would recommend to someone else. Having been born in 1994, I haven't really seen too many of the films from that era. But one of the few I did see actually came out in 1996, although it was some years later that I first saw it. I am of course, referring to the movie Muppet Treasure Island. I originally saw this film when I got it from the library. The first time I watched it, I was too young to really understand what was happening, but I saw it again some years later and fell in love with it. Eventually, it got to the point that I loved the film so much that I had my parents get the DVD for my birthday.

There are many things this movie has to recommend it: the sets, the songs, the actors, and, of course, the Muppets! Jim Henson had sadly passed away before this film was released, and it is dedicated to his memory. The live actors, and yes, even the Muppets truly outdid themselves, as is a fitting memorial to their creator. This film has many great actors, but the ones that really stand out are Kevin Bishop as Jim Hawkins (in his acting debut), and of course, a delightfully devious performance of Long John Silver by acting legend Tim Curry.

Shown here with "Polly" the lobster
Shown here with "Polly" the lobster

The music in this film is absolutely stupendous, and after all, why wouldn't it be? The score was written by perhaps one of the greatest musical geniuses of the modern era: Hans Zimmer! While containing such outrageous musical numbers as "Cabin Fever" and "Shiver My Timbers", it also has more subtle yet alluring songs like "Love Led Us Here" and "Professional Pirate". All of the songs are wonderful, but "Shiver My Timbers" alone is enough for me to recommend this film. I will not quote the entirety of the song, but one section (sung by native statues), is my favorite portion: "Hulla wacka, ulla wacka, something not right, many wicked icky things gonna happen tonight. Hulla wacka, ulla wacka, sailor man, beware! When there's money in the ground, there's murder in the air!"

The Island Heads
The Island Heads

The Muppets themselves really gave everything to their respective roles as well. Kermit the Frog dominated the screen as the "raging volcano" Captain Abraham Smollett, while Sam the Eagle turned in an absolutely stellar performance as First Mate Samuel Arrow. Gonzo and Rizzo play... well, themselves, but they're both such fantastic characters that no one bothers with the fact that neither appear in the book. Also, who can forget Miss Piggy's performance as the gender-bent castaway Benjamina Gunn? This film could arguably have been the inspiration for her breakup with Kermit on ABC's new television show, as evidenced by the fact that she rants at him, "You left me standing at the ALTAR!" Kermit defends himself by saying, "I got cold feet." Miss Piggy sarcastically retorts, "You're a FROG. You're SUPPOSED to have cold feet."

In summation, this film has a lot to recommend it, and let's not forget that it was responsible for bringing us the comedic gold which is this scene.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my cult movie recommendation!


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