ByJack DiCarlo, writer at

So I've taken together some clues from the trailer and taken some information from my friend who has seen the flash season 2 filmed up in Vancouver. I've created a pretty solid idea to how the pilot might look.

I believe the episode will open with Central City celebrating The Flash saving Central City as seen in the recent trailers. Flash will feel guilty about saving Central City knowing that it wasn't really him who stopped Reverse Flash, it was Eddy who stopped Reverse Flash. Even though he feels this way he must go through with the celebration.

I think this celebration won't last long due to the fact Atom Smasher will show up and attack the Flash. Then the same plot for every episode featuring a villain stronger than him. Flash fights Atom Smasher, looses, receives a pep talk from Joe and the Star labs team, then he fights Atom Smasher again and with a little more info on how his powers work, he beats Atom Smasher, after the STAR labs team captures Atom Smasher and he reveals zoom sent him, and at the very end we will probably see a zoom easter egg.

That's pretty much the formula for each episode that is supposed to introduce a new villain.

I'm not saying the show is generic and boring, but it does follow that formula which works most of the time, but it is always good to see the formula shifted in a new way like in episodes such as The brave and the bold, Fallout, and Fast enough.

My big question is, Who is zoom under the mask?


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