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One thing that most Marvel fans appreciate and love is how since 2008 it's been this non-stop run of discovery and wonder through the universe that is Marvel. For decades many fans were like 'Is there ever going to be a Spider-Man movie?" and now it's like "Has the Spider-Man part 6 movie come out yet?".

Many naysayers and jealous types will blow their horns and shout at whoever hears them that the age of superhero films is soon coming to an end but after tonight's season 3 premiere of Marvels Agents of SHIELD we can proudly say that the end is far from sight if not nonexistent.

There's a lot on Coulson and Daisy's plate and with allies running thin there is a mad scramble to not only control the outbreak of Inhumans caused by the spreading of the terrigen crystals through the oceans currents, but also to rescue those that have transformed and are being hunted by an unknown special ops group led by the multi-named devilish Rosalind (could she be Madam Masque?). Bobby and Hunter have seemingly finally accepted their relationship status as well as their desired revenge on Ward (whose season 3 premiere not surprisingly is being saved up for episode 2 ) and it kind of smells like the network is going to start setting up the Mockingbird spin off so we'll see how that works out. While all this is going on Fitz is infiltrating extremist groups in the Middle East in the hopes of learning more about the monolith that swallowed up Simmons who we now know is still alive just on a strange planet.

Luckily you don't have to be a seasoned SHIELD agent to enjoy the new episodes. Season 3 evoked a lot of the series premiere with an enhanced individual coping with their new powers while secret agencies hunt them down and SHIELD continues to try and protect and understand them. Many might say it's a tired device but what is beautiful about AoS is that they keep finding a way to keep viewers interested and reeling them in with new characters and hints of connections to the Cinematic Universe (did you take a tequila shot like you were supposed to when they mentioned Ant-Man?).

One of which is a new Inhuman [not yet named on the show but in the comics we know as Lash] who is hunting down all the other Inhumans. I have to say it was nice to see an actual budget allocated to his costuming especially after they kind of dropped the ball with Calvin Zabo and his metamorphosis into Mister Hyde.

I'm not gonna tell you every detail of the first episode. What I am gonna tell you is that 45 episodes in starting a third season, Agents of SHIELD is still one of the best produced shows on tv/cable. Great writing, great directing, and most importantly great acting. It's rare that a show hits it on so many levels but that's actually come to be expected of Marvel.


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