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I'm back once again with day two of the 5 day recommendation challenge, and this time I'm giving you a cult movie you've gotta watch. Just like yesterday's movie, you've probably seen this. But if you haven't, you must watch Fight Club before you die! I'm serious, put it on the movie bucket list! Fight Club has honestly changed my life forever, going through how all it takes is a little missed sleep and one really bad day to start a radical group of anarchists. I mean, this movie is so popular that everyone knows what it means to "Fight Club themselves." Oh yeah, this movie also invented the brilliant idea of beating the crap out of yourself and framing it on your boss. Between the wonderful philosophy, to the actual fighting and action scenes, and the killer twists throughout the whole movie, this is not a film you will regret watching once, let alone at least once a year. That's it for my second day of the 5 day recommendation challenge, but be sure to check back tomorrow when I suggest a TV series that ended before its time. Until then, remember the first rule!


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