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Arguably, every man to play the Dark Knight has brought their own unique slice of awesomeness to the role, perfectly aligning themselves with that era of comic book movie.

Keaton brought an ethereal tone to the Bat, while Kilmer may have been better suited for his slightly crazed, multi-billionaire alter-ego. Clooney brought his... erm, Bat-credit card and idiosyncratic head wobble, and Christian Bale singlehandedly sent the sale of throat lozenges through the damn roof.


But which of these men is the Bat to end all Bats? The Darkest of all roof dwelling Knights, the most watchful of protectors? Well, according to Chris O'Donnell, cinema's second ever Robin, the best Batman isn't even on the list above.

Holy S**t, (This) Batman?!

In an interview with Fox411, promoting the incoming new season of NCIS: Los Angeles, O'Donnell was posed with the obligatory question as to who his favorite Knight in not-so-shining armor was, and he decided to go against the stream and veer... West:

NCIS Chris
NCIS Chris
"For me it will always be Adam West. I loved the show. I just watched a documentary about him and his career and facing the challenge of being Batman.
I worked with two very talented actors: Val [Kilmer] and George. We had a lot of fun George and I, but the film was a disaster."
Adam West
Adam West

And that's a perfectly great choice to make too! West's Batman was a truly unique, comic and firmly lighthearted take on the Caped Crusader that has lasted the test of time, due to its tongue in cheek charm and, possibly, its badass Batmobile.

But Who Is The Best Bat?

Kevin Conroy.
Kevin Conroy.

In order to help you make your mind up, the guys over at Screenrant have put together a brilliant video which attempts to figure out which actor played the Dark Knight the best.

It's still difficult to choose though, see for yourself:

For me personally, it's a toss up between Christian Bale and Kevin Conroy. The hard-hitting intensity and drama Nolan amd Bale brought to the role is awe-inspiring, but Conroy is the voice of a generation.

What do you think?

(Source: Fox411, Screenrant)


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