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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer had so much riding on it; the culmination of seven seasons of one of the best loved TV shows of all time. How the hell can one episode live up to all of that?

It did, though. Joss Whedon came through and made it happen... and now Reddit user flagnut1 has a cracking fan theory that could help us understand what really went on in Buffy Season 7, Episode 22, 'Chosen.'

To really get into the Buffy spirit once more with feeling (heh, heh) you could listen to the wonderful score from the final episode while reading this fetching theory.

Is this how Willow saved the world?

This goes beyond anything I've ever done. It's a total loss of control, and not in a nice, wholesome 'my girlfriend has a pierced tongue' kinda way.
- Willow, 'Chosen'

Quick recap time: In the last Buffy episode, Willow casts one hell of a spell and gets a groovy new hair color in the process. She brings the "Slayer potential" out of every single potential Slayer across the globe. Good wins over evil - THE END.

But, but, but... why did no one try that before?

There are a couple of vague hints, but we never really know why Willow - or any other powerful magic-wielder - hasn't tried this spell before. To explain this, we have to go back to the first season.

Buffy dies for the first time...

Remember when Buffy fought the Master at the end of Season 1? She "died." I mean, I guess the cosmic rules must just say "heart stoppage = death" or something. Xander brings her back to life with a special kind of modern magic: CPR! Buffy's "death," however brief, activates a second Slayer (R.I.P. Kendra).

So, that means...

Yup, if killing a Slayer activates a new one, Willow's spell probably worked that way, too. By "killing" every potential Slayer on the planet (then bringing them back to life again quickly) thus sparking a whole bunch of new ones. Maybe the spell even involved killing those new ones, then their new ones... etcetera, etcetera. Boom! You've got a million Slayers.

Maybe this was never attempted before because modern medicine and revival techniques are kinda new. Like Buffy says to The Judge:

Is this theory legit or do you think Willow had another magical method for unleashing all the Slayer potential and grinding the Turok-Han into the dust?

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