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Flipper - he's basically the Lassie of the sea, right? Or is he? Maybe he's hiding a deep and unsettling secret?

Animation/childhood ruining group ADHD have decided to use Flipper as the focus of their latest 'Scientifically Accurate' video - a series of videos which aims to rewrite kids' shows theme tunes with disturbingly accurate lyrics.

In their new video, they reveal dolphins for what they really are: Suicidal, sexually perverse, masturbating fish-rapist bastards. But don't take my word for it, check out their video below:


In reality, ADHD might need to do a bit more research, since the whole 'dolphin rape' thing has been outed as a fallacy several times. The rest of it, though? Yeah, probably true. They're basically the humans of the sea, and like humans, there's probably a few assholes among them.

In any case, you probably won't look at everyone's favorite 1960's lovable television dolphin in the same way ever again. Thanks, Internet.

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