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Although we know that Friends launched the careers of our favorite six friends, they weren't the only ones to go on to become huge stars. In fact, over the ten seasons, a slew of up-and-coming talent graced the show with their vibrant performances before making it big years later.

Let's see which then-unfamiliar faces are now some of the most recognizable people in Hollywood:

1. Jim Rash - Nervous Airplane Passanger in 'The Last One'

Role: The passenger Rachel sat next to on the plane in the last episode, increasingly getting agitated about the left phalange.

Most famous for since the show: That 70s Show, Reno 911!, The Way Way Back, Community, The Descendants

2. Ellen Pompeo - Missy Goldberg in 'The One Where the Stripper Cries'

Role: Missy Goldberg, the one who Chandler and Ross were madly obsessed with in the flashbacks to their college years.

Most famous for since the show: Grey's Anatomy

3. Rebecca Romijn - Cheryl in 'The One With the Dirty Girl'

Role: The 'dirty girl,' whose apartment cleanliness Ross objects to.

Most famous for since the show: X-Men, Ugly Betty, The Librarians

4. Dan Bucatinksy - The Waiter in 'The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner'

Role: The waiter forced to work around Phoebe's chaotic birthday dinner.

Most famous for since the show: In Plain Sight, Web Therapy, The Comeback, Scandal

5. Cole Sprouse - Ben Geller in 'The One With the Holiday Armadillo'

Role: Ross' son Ben (although many actors played the character, Cole Sprouse was the most memorable).

Most famous for since the show: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

6. Mae Whitman - Sarah Tuttle in 'The One Where Rachel Quits'

Role: Brown Bird Sarah Tuttle, the little girl who makes Ross help her sell cookies after he breaks her leg by accident.

Most famous for since the show: Arrested Development, Parenthood, Family Guy, The DUFF

7. Willie Garson - Steve in 'The One Where the Girl Hits Joey'

Role: President of the tenants committee who argues with Ross after he refuses to contribute $100 to the retiring handyman.

Most famous for since the show: Sex and the City

8. Anna Faris - Erica in 'The One With the Birth Mother'

Role: The mother who gives Monica and Chandler her baby.

Most famous for since the show: Brokeback Mountain, Scary Movie 4, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Mama's Boy, The House Bunny, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Yogi Bear, What's Your Number?, The Dictator, I Give It a Year, Mom

9. Emily Osment - Lelani Mayolanofavich in 'The One With the Halloween Party'

Role: The trick-or-treater who gets a check from Rachel instead of candy at Halloween.

Most famous for since the show: Spy Kids, Hannah Montana, Young and Hungry

10. Dakota Fanning - Mackenzie in 'The One With Princess Consuela'

Role: The girl who gives advice to Joey, who is struggling with Monica and Chandler's decision to move to the suburbs.

Most famous for since the show: War of the Worlds, Charlotte's Web, The Secret Life of Bees, Coraline, The Twilight Saga, The Runways, Every Secret Thing, Effie Gray, The Benefactor

11. Christine Taylor - Bonnie in 'The One With the Jellyfish'

Role: Phoebe's friend who was supposed to be bald and crazy but was actually very, very blonde and super hot.

Most famous for since the show: The Wedding Singer, Zoolander, Dodgeball, License to Wed, Arrested Development

12. Kristin Davis - Erin in 'The One With Ross's Library Book'

Role: The woman who breaks Joey's heart.

Most famous for since the show: Sex and the City



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