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"Marlene Dietrich believed her pussy was magic."

And so starts the rather risqué and bizarre claim that, if true, states that the 1930s Hollywood siren planned to use her sexual prowess to seduce one of histories most notorious dictators, Adolf Hitler.

The theory goes that Berlin-born Dietrich, who rose to international fame in 1930 via the role of Lola-Lola in The Blue Angel and later Desire in 1936, felt that her magnetism was so irresistible that it could be used to save the world. All it would involve were the two simple tasks of bedding a British monarch and seducing a genocidal ruler.

It's the late '30s, Dietrich has moved to America and she's living the Hollywood dream with the actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr. by her side. The pair are sharing some cheeky gossip together regarding which influential figure is up to what. Fairbanks then drops the bombshell that King Edward VIII was thinking about giving up the throne to get hitched to an American divorcee named Wallis Simpson.

Deitrich was mortified by the news, feeling this would be a romantic mistake that could endanger the United Kingdom as a whole. So, she considered a plan that essentially boiled down to bedding the King to teach him there are plenty of totally awesome fish in the sea.

Seemingly miffed that his girlfriend was openly considering bedding another man, Fairbanks confronted Dietrich, to which she apparently replied:

“Oh, darling, don’t be so old-fashioned. We’re doing it for England, which we both love. Some sacrifices must be made.”

Luckily for him, this never came into fruition and he could relax back. That is, until Marlene hitched her next plan.

So, Hitler is rising to power, and Dietrich, who was not a Nazi sympathiser, was rightly mortified about the destruction currently wreaking havoc on her homeland. According to the NY Times, she had personally financed several of her Jewish friends' escapes from Germany when the Nazis began their arrests. However, this was not the only way Marlene reportedly felt she could aid their cause.

According to the Charlotte Chandler-penned biography Marlene, Dietrich was willing to set her personal disgust for Adolf Hitler aside temporarily if it meant a chance to murder him. After all, she was his favorite actress. It wouldn’t be difficult to arrange a private meeting. But Dietrich was no fool. She knew that she’d be exhaustively searched, possibly stripped bare before she’d be allowed in a room with this loathed world leader. So how to hide a weapon while starkers? Perhaps a poisoned hairpin?

Or perhaps disguising herself within a gorilla costume, a la her performance in Blonde Venus?


Although again, Fairbanks was none too pleased with the starlet's mission to seduce another, her plan did not prevail. The pair split in 1938, but according to this theory, Fairbanks speculated that the mission did not fail because Dietrich lacked the guts to see it through, but more she couldn't settle on a realistic strategy of assassination.

She had told Fairbanks:

“I would not expect to escape. I would go there prepared to die. I don’t want to die. I want to live. Life is wonderful. But to kill Hitler would be wonderful. We all have to die sometime, and that would be something to die for.”

Well, it's certainly an interesting theory. And, imagine for a moment it had been successful. Not only would millions of lives have been saved, but as the author of the source pointed out,

We’d never have been subjected to the British Oscar bait that was The King’s Speech.

Although Marlene Dietrich, who died aged 90 in 1992, was an international symbol for glamour and sex appeal, this theory seems a tad... farfetched? I guess we'll never know.

What do you think? Did Marlene Dietrich plan to assassinate Hitler via the power of her "magic"?
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Source: Pajiba & NY Times


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