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If you've ever wondered whether the stress and hard work of auditioning for you high school production is worth the blood, sweat and tears, here is something to inspire you to step up to the stage.

The 19 hugely successful celebs below have all nurtured their love for performing since their school days, and maybe it was this head start that helped them to grow into the mega stars they are today.

The question is, which one would you have loved to act alongside if you could hop into a time machine? Check out the list below and find out!

19. Jack Black

School and year: Crossroads School, California, 1987

Play: Pippin

18. Meryl Streep

School and year: Bernards High School, New Jersey, 1966

Play: Li'l Abner

17. Bill Murray

School and year: Loyola Academy, Illinois, 1968

Play: Caine Mutiny

16. Jessica Chastain

School and year: El Camino High School, California, 1995

Play: You Can't Take It With You

15. David Hasselhoff

School and year: Lyons Township High School, Illinois, 1969

Play: Pinocchio

14. Ginnifer Goodwin

School and year: Lausanne Collegiate School, Tennessee, 1996

Play: Twelfth Night

13. Daniel Day-Lewis

School and year: Bedales School, England, year unknown

Play: Three Sisters

12. Debra Messing

School and year: East Greenwich High School, Rhode Island, 1985

Play: Annie

11. Tom Hanks

School and year: Skyline High School, Washington, 1974

Play: Twelfth Night.

10. Jack Nicholson

School and year: Manasquan High School, New Jersey, 1954

Play: Out of the Frying Pan

9. Lady Gaga

School and year: Sacred Heart., New York, 2004

Play: Guys and Dolls

8. Tommy Lee Jones

School and year: St. Mark's School, Texas, 1964

Play: The Caine Mutiny

7. Rachel Bilson

School and year: Notre Dame School, California, year unknown

Play: The Crucible

6. Maggie Gyllenhaal

School and year: Harvard-Westlake School, California, 1993

Play: Black Comedy

5. Madonna

School and year: Adams High School, Michigan, 1975

Play: Unknown

4. Richard Gere

School and year: North Syracuse High School., New York, 1967

Play: Unknown

3. Woody Harrelson

School and year: Lebanon High School, Ohio, 1979

Play: Li'l Abner

2. Katie Holmes

School and year: Notre Dame Academy, Wisconsin, 1997

Play: Unknown

1. Ashton Kutcher

School and year: Clear Creek-Amana High School, Iowa 1994

Play: Little Shop of Horrors

(Source: Hollywood)


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