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When geek-tastic fan-favorite Robbie Amell -- of The Flash and The Tomorrow People fame -- revealed this week that he has a pretty darned solid idea for a Batman Beyond live-action movie -- and that he'd be totally down to play the lead role of Terry McGinnis, it's not all that surprising that interest in the (largely hypothetical) project has been piqued. After all, Amell's suggestion that...

"...the smartest idea for them would be to make it like a $30 million movie. Don't do like a $200 million blockbuster, do a dark, gritty version of Batman Beyond...The visual effects have come so far that you don't need $200 million to show the technology that they have. Make it a nice, grounded character piece."

...would, if realized, likely be sufficiently ridiculously awesome to please pretty much every fan out there.

The big question, though?

How Would a Live-Action Batman Beyond Movie Actually Work?

After all, it's a great idea, but it'd still be one heck of a big challenge when it came to replicating the original animated series's grand science fiction visuals and gritty futuristic tone -- especially if it was being made on anything close to as low a budget as Amell suggests.

Luckily, though, the internet's seemingly endless supply of awesome fan artists have preemptively come to the rescue with a whole bunch of awesome imaginings, asking the question:

What Would a Live-Action Batman Beyond Look Like?

First up?

BossLogic Envisions an Amell-Played Terry McGinnis

Which, if you combined black face makeup with a skin-tight bodysuit could actually make for a pretty inexpensive way of bringing the hero to the screen.

Next up...

Mark Vick Nails It with a Comprehensive Suit Design

Which, by melding the animated series' striking base design with a more Dark Knight series-inspired practicality would likely make for a genuinely viable costume option.


Adnan Ali Conjures Up a Unique Vision of an Alternate Batsuit

A Batman Beyond equivalent of The Dark Knight Returns's Superman-Buster suit, perhaps, perfectly suited for the film's final act?

An alternative to which would be...

Jared Krichevsky's Brings a Robotic Batsuit to Life

A possible final act villain, perhaps -- a corruption of an old design by Bruce Wayne -- or even a way to return an aging Bruce into the action one last time?

Of course, there's also the matter of the lair...

Hal Laren Beautifully Imagines a Future Bat-Cave

With bonus old-school touches (notice the Joker card near the top), it's not too hard to picture a similar look to this in an actual movie...

And, finally:

James Zapata Rocks a Dystopian City View

After all, a whole lot of Batman Beyond's original magic was its fantastically realized future landscape -- something captured perfectly here.

Put all of that together, and it seems to me the internet may have already finished up a whole lot of a potential Batman Beyond live-action movie's pre-production for it. The big question still remaining, though?

What do you think?


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