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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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As promised it's the minions effect. But then again why did I title it agenda instead? Well, let's talk about it. The minions were first introduced in Despicable Me

Despicable me cover
Despicable me cover

For me they are described in that word itself; despicable. Now don't get me wrong, yeah they're cute, yeah they are the comic reliefs and nothing else. And that's the problem!! They're nothing else! I mean, you could take these guys maybe do something a little more, I mean it is kind of that commentary on how minions are so underrated but that's just it you know.

And for what it's worth I'm gonna take it up a notch, what the Minions are is what the Chipmunks worth and thereafter more, cutesy sidekick roles were spawned. I mean oh my freaking God, are you serious these guys get their own spin off movie they were that lovable. But I think that's just it. It was because they made them so easy to market and sell that they just put them there with the full intentions of exploiting their monetizing prowess and thus, cashed it in man.

I mean in the end I guess Pharrell Williams whom I love as well that got something out from it. But then again the thing is this. Minions are just something out of a copy and paste problem about the same of Alvin and the Chipmunks. For one thing the chipmunks are annoying, but what Minions are, are that they are both annoying but unintelligible too meaning that we really can't understand what they are saying but there's something about them that still pulls us into it. And what is it? Well is it's simplicity.

Their easily identifiable with it and it's definitely something aimed at kids I mean, earlier I did say sidekicks were spawned from them but I also just thought of a movie that had the same kind of guy but was just purple was the movie; Home. I mean look at it this way, it's really something we want, we want someone to despise because we know that the bad guy was going to turn good somehow because it was like going to evolve and blah blah blah those very generic villain type guys who learns his lesson. But the minions are something that helps the villains because their the ones who are expendable, but in this movie, you could feel a sense of community and sense of family especially the climax and the bad guy adopting the little girls and them joining in.

But what's sad about it is I cringed because I knew what they were, because we've seen them every time and yes, they are as despicable as that song in Frozen. Because their so easily quotable, but at the same time, that's what makes them a kind of guilty pleasure. I liked laughing at them, and I liked to see wherever whatever they would do, but sadly, they never really did much. Especially from their spin off movie and that's something sad, but then again, there's always going to be a boundary somewhere, and there's not much you can take with minions, but I don't know, I was kinda expecting more.


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