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Avalanche are at it again this week as they hint at the final demise of another fan favorite series. Avalanche, developers of Mad Max and the Just Cause franchise, have been making headlines nonstop with players all over the world stumbling across hidden clues that relate to the future of certain games within the industry.

Today, however, it all gets a lot more sinister as Avalanche hint towards the end of one of their own most popular gaming titles. Take a breath and read on...

Mrs. Rodriguez... We've Found the Body, I'm Sorry

Rico Rodriguez, the man of a thousand and one talents, is dead! Now, Rico is one tough S.O.B. Last year I had Rico Rodriguez jumping out of a helicopter, while shooting at bad guys as he plummeted towards the earth - to then pull his shoot, drop demo packs, set them off and casually glide through the explosion to pop the remaining bad guy right between the eyes. He's excellent.

But as tough as Rico may be, according to the Just Cause developer, Avalanche, he just can't cut it in Mad Max's post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Avalanche has included an Easter egg within their recently released Mad Max game that has shown us very clearly what would happen to Rico in Mad Max's world. 'The Parachute,' the grapple attached to the car - it's Rico alright.

If you want to find Rico for yourself, head over to the Big Nothing - the map above pin points his resting place.

But What Does It Mean?

This could be nothing, but then again it could be huge! The Just Cause developers are really paying homage to its explosion-loving, grapple-swinging hero here but is it more than that? Are they trying to forewarn us all about some upcoming tragedy?

Let's hope that this is just a beautiful, if not a little disturbing, tribute to their other popular game series and not a hint into the future of what is to come in Just Cause 3.

The future of the Just Cause series following the release of the third edition has been a topic hot on the gamers' agendas for some time now. Many rumors have suggested that talk from within the Avalanche Studios suggests that this will be the third and final edition of Just Cause. Do we have our answer direct from the horse's mouth? Are the developers trying to put a subtle end to that debate?

Just Cause 3 is the upcoming open world action-adventure game developed by Avalanche Studios. It is single player and will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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