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What is it about the Voice? Why was the Voice so much better than American Idol? Well, American Idol definitely started earlier, and it's glory days, sadly were over the day Simon Cowell left the show. Simon Cowell was the only one besides Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul to know what music should feel like and how it should sound like and thus is why they criticized so much and they helped the singers on the show grow by helping them with notes.

And that's what made American Idol, great.

American Idol
American Idol

But then came the Voice. Of course, originally it started in China but then again, the idea and the concept was something so fresh so new, that became something better when it spawned off in other places.

What the Voice does, is what American Idol should have been onward from the leaving of Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, and yet surprisingly(yeah, big shock! NOT!!) it went down hill. And what did the Voice do it elevated itself. From the concept we already know it's always going to have an edge, I mean there's four coaches and they would help them out by bringing in mentors as well.

And above all the coaches truly try to help them off the ground and mostly it's the country singers who are in the charts, but that's because the music industry was never really someone who accepted new stuff because, of the transition and it new that pop songs would stick and so other genres were left to be found on our owns. But with the times changing, the music needs to change and so we can take pop but we can take it to a different place by having another sound to it.

the coaches of season 8
the coaches of season 8

From the soulful soul, to R&B to hip hop and everything else and more, it's something that the Voice showcases and that's what that's so beautiful about the Voice, and just seeing the coaches work with the artists and helping them out especially Pharrell last season, and essentially that's what made it absolutely fun and amazing


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