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It simply is the best time of the year. Fall that is. Do you not agree? Okay, excellent, you may need to quit reading my blog post, and direct your attention elsewhere.

In all seriousness, even though I never am, fall is my favorite time of the year, Yeah, summer is astonishing, but there is just something about this different time of the year that is more intriguing than one can describe in words.

The change of temperature, from the foggy cool mornings, to the crisp, thin aired afternoons. It may rain a handful throughout this wondrous time of year, however, the eminent color changes are what brings the excitement to this time of year. Yes, everything is dying until the spring, but how many things that die are truly beautiful enough to take your breath away?

From the weather, to the smells, of burning pumpkins, and that pumpkin spiced smelling candal fetish that all the girls these days cannot shut their mouths about, to the crunch of every leaf fallen to the ground, it truly is a time of happiness. Fall has to be one of the most interesting ways of change to bring out so much happiness in so many different people. Yeah, not everyone loves this beautiful time of year, yet the majority of happiness is hard to not notice, and become enlightened by.

I am sorry for this next sentence to come, but for reading this blog post of mine, you have scrolled right into it. One cannot talk about fall without mentioning Halloween. You knew it was coming. Do you know me at all at this point? If there is one obsession of mine you should have picked up by now, it should have been mine with such an exquisitely beautiful holiday. There is no other time of year, or day in the year for that matter, that you can dress up as whatever you dare, and not get made fun of for it. Imagine dressing up in your Halloween costume for truthfully any other day of the year, No, it would not happen. Unless, of course, you happen to live in, or be in Portland, Oregon. What a place to bring out the odd in someone... Oh, wait.

Halloween is the best holiday, Having trouble believing me for some dumb reason? I shall explain why to your confused mind. First off, you get candy for free, check one. Next, you nearly get to act as crazy as you so dare without much judgment. If there is judgment for your odd occurrences, such opinions are wrong. AMC Fear Fest. Need I say more? No idea what I just wrote about? Hmm, you should probably watch it, then understand why no description is needed. You get to watch scary movies all month long, all month long. The anticipation builds up throughout the month, and only gets more and more intriguing by the end of every day. It is the only holiday in which the happiness, and anticipation builds up all month. Unless, you care dearly about New Years Eve, nope. Freddy Kreuger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Ghostface. Come on. Just, love Halloween already, please. I could do this all night.

Thank you all for again, scanning my odd rambling of meaningless words I created into a blog post. I know it has been nearly half a year since my last post, but I am for certain, you all shall visualize more odd blog posts by myself in the near future. For now, stay extraordinary, stay different, and as always, blog ideas, review ideas, questions, critique, and opinions are always accepted, and appreciated... Curious to find out how many run-on sentences I created again.



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