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James Wood

It seems a lot of critics nowadays just want serious movies that last hours on end, they don't want action or 3D, though you do get the odd exception like Mad Max Fury Road, but they just want to listen to dialogue driven movies that frankly don't go anywhere heart pumping or exciting, examples like Boyhood and August: Osage County. It's a real shame when critics can't enjoy watching two of the coolest most talented actors ripping evil witches guts out in spectacularly gory style. Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters is a rip roaring good time, you don't need brains when you've got them spilling everywhere onscreen.

We need more movies like this, films that don't take themselves seriously and just aim for all out entertainment. Fast paced, sharp and ferociously violent, Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters is hands down the most fun and wildly over the top adventure of 2013, it will be hard to beat and two years later, it remains one of my favourite films. The story is played out fast and loose, there's no pit stops or boring exposition, the action gets straight to and there's never a dull moment. The 3D is so fitting to this film, darts, arrows, witch wands and debris fly out the screen and looking into the screen boasts exceptional depth between objects and landscapes.

The special effects are insanely brilliant, especially the gore and battles which balance both practical and visual, melding together explosive action and gallons of gore. However, for me the best feature is the acting. Jeremy Renner is very entertaining, his humour is very blunt and deadpan and it's a change from his roles in Avengers, Bourne & Mission Impossible. Yet again he excels in the action change, boasting charisma and brute force. Gemma Arterton is very cool, she takes a whole lot of punches and she fights back with no remorse, Arterton gets most of the badass one liners come from "Let the girl go, or I'm gonna blow your sheriff brains all over these fucking hillbillies". It has to be said though, that Famke Janssen is the best, you can tell she is having a blast playing the evil witch Muriel, whenever she comes on screen you can't help but smile, and there's a sense of unpredictability with her character, who knows what she will do next?

The action shots of Hansel and Gretel look so badass, the fight scenes get down and dirty and the sound design is crisp and hard hitting when the punches are throw. This is repeat viewing material through and through, I wish critics would re-watch Witch Hunters and just go in with an open mind and leave brains and logics at the door. I have a blast each time and there is never a dull moment, just all out action, fun twists and a whole lot of laughter.


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