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We have all been awaiting the second coming of the Avengers. Age of Ultron had us on the edge of our seats in theaters. It's up to us to pick it apart and pretend it wasn't as good as the first one. I'd say a close second... to Captain America "Winter Soldier." ... and or Guardians of the Galaxy. Age of Ultron gives us plenty to look forward to, and no more than this.

The scene when Scarlet Witch first plays with Tony Starks brain, he sees a vision. (no pun intended) In this vision he sees a broken Captain America at his feet. Shield broken. Which I speculate to be foreshadowing "Captain America 'Civil War'" and if you are familiar with the comics, shows Tony Stark, over Captain Rogers when he died. As shown in the vision. Which is the next movie in the MCU. Moving on... Above Captain is Thor. I look at this scratching my head, because no living thing can kill a God. Except maybe RagnorK. One of the next movies. This is where Tony's vision predicts the end of his friend Thor. I believe Thor will die and will be revived, as he did in the comics, but his death is inventible, and is seen in Tony's vision.

Just above him is Hawkeye, and next to what looks to be Black Widow... defeated. Black Widow seems to be laying next to someone with a metal arm. I would say the Winter Soldier. (up for debate.) Some say he will be the new Captain America, as he once did in the comics, but Tony's vision says otherwise. What you can see, is that the solders around the heroes, are wearing some sort of extraterrestrial armor. As if a battle off Earth is bound to happen. Above them all is the Hulk. Notice the spears? So did I. If you are familiar with the Hulk, you understand Planet Hulk. Google it if you are not aware. But why would Tony's vision have the Hulk killed with spears? Foreshadowing a Planet Hulk movie? We can only hope.

Oh and do you see the new space craft in the vision? It looks suspiciously like Star Lords propulsion system from Guardians. Not his but you can tell its from the same galaxy.

What do you think?

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