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From the first moment that No Man's Sky was shown to us, we were captivated. Audiences around the world were dazzled by the art style and dumbfounded by its expansive and ambitious design. But the game has remained illusive in terms of nailing a release date for the PS4 or PC. 2015 was the rough date we were initially give, though we're beginning to doubt that date's validity for Sean Murray and his team - he's understandably frustrated!

But there are so many expectations lumped upon his team to dazzle us with a remarkable product. No one has had the opportunity to actually play No Man's Sky and yet we've already seen gamers getting tattoos of its logo...dayum! Obviously, the logo is awesome. But we have no idea of this game's worth and we're all afraid that the hype is going to negatively impact on No Man's Sky when it eventually gets its release date.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky - The Toxic Nature Of Hype Prior Release Date!

This statement comes from Keegan802 on Reddit, in a wise and succinct post on the dangers of hype and how it will affect No Man's Sky. They could not be more accurate! We've been saying it for quite a while now - I and many others even referenced the dangers of hype as far back as last year. This game has sparked imagination in truly extraordinary fashion! No Man's Sky has demonstrated that gamers around the world are in desperate need of a game like this. However, Hello Games don't have the technology, man power, or funding at their disposal to compete with the expectations of certain fans. Check out these questions:

  • "Do galaxies move? Could we witness a galactic collision?"
  • "How much variation will we see in creatures' personalities?"

  • "Will we be able to see tectonic activity and re-route oceans and rivers?"

  • "Will moons cause unique tidal patterns?"

  • "Can we destroy planets?"

  • "Will digging 128m of soil from the entire surface of a planet effect its gravitational pull?"

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

Can No Mans Sky Withstand This Pressure?

Do we all genuinely expect such heights from No Man's Sky? Or has this game simply got our creative juices flowing for what we can expect from space sims in the future? Hello Games are certainly creating a galaxy for us to explore, one that we'll never completely uncover. But it won't function on the physics and realities of the space we inhabit. Unfortunately. But that is in no way a statement discrediting the accomplishments of the game.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky

Hello Games seem to be crafting an indie title of extraordinary beauty. The attention that they've already captured for such a small project is already an accomplishment in of itself. I cannot wait to get my hands on this title and my girlfriend - who's never played a game, aside from Sims 3, in her life - is actually hyped for this game! That's a testament to the power of Hello Games' idea. But we're hurting it.

Our fumbling over it and constant attention is assuredly stressing the staff and may negatively impact on the final product. [No Man's Sky](tag:2684052) is, after all, a video game. In saying that, Video Games have massively impacted on my life and I adore this art form to its core! But the hype we're generating around this title is toxic and all we can hope is that it doesn't negatively impact on the game we can't wait to play! Let us know where you stand in the comments below.


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