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Anime is is best described as sometimes good, sometimes great and those few times it is described as exceptional.
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Charlotte is a series created by the producer of Angel Beats and it followed in it's greatness overall. The series is about a boy called Yuu Otosaka how is just a normal high schooler. Or so it seems - he has the ability to go into other peoples body's and he takes advantage of that by cheating on test and doing other irresponsible things. This is until he was stopped by a student council of another school but not just any school a school of ability users. Then he is forced to join the student council which is lead by Tomori, Nao. A quick thinking intelligent character and Takajou, Joujirou a goof ball and a serious wise person at times. They are later joined by Kurobane, Yusa a person with lets say very switching personalities.

The reason I gave this anime such a high mark was because of it's uniqueness that hasn't been seen in other anime. The way the charecter develope and just the way the producers gave Yuu Otosaka and the others backstory was absolutely brilliant. It also gave me all sort of emotions during the time of watching this and I really bonded with all the characters and felt their depression their happiness and their dark times. All of this was in just 13 episodes.

The one thing i would mark down was the ending

In the end Yuu Otosaka forgot his promise to collect all the abilities then become Nao's lover and also he forgot a lot of stuff about his life.

It was rushed and could have been done better and sure some people are unsatisfied with the results. Although in the end no anime's perfect and Charlotte is an astonishing series that gives anime fans an experience they will never forget.

Here's the opening song which is pretty amazaing


Which one did you think was better Charlotte or Angel Beats?


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