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This one might be the hardest category to come up with a recommendation. Although I know plenty of great shows that have ended within a season or two (maybe.... 80% of shows on FOX?), it's a little difficult to justify telling someone to watch a show that is already over. Despite this, I still think that some short lived shows should still be given a chance. That being said, here is my choice for a show that got cancelled too early and is still worth watching:

Go On

This show was centered around Ryan King (Mattew Perry) who is a sports radio broadcaster who just lost his wife. In order to return to work, his boss and best friend (John Cho) forces him to seek grief counselling. The show then revolves around his professional life and his new personal life which now involves his support group, Transitions.

This was one show that made me angry when I heard it was cancelled. Right when it seemed like things were picking up (new story lines, plot points, character development), the plug was pulled. Even though the show was ultimately scrapped, here's some reasons why you should still care about Go On.

The Cast

This cast was pretty stacked in terms of well known names. Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris, The Walking Dead), Laura Benanti (Nashville, 2013 Sound of Music Live, and multiple Broadway shows), John Cho (Harold and Kumar, American Pie, Star Trek) and of course Matthew Perry (The Odd Couple, The Whole Nine Yards, and this little show called Friends). Not to mention other celebrities and athletes that made appearances: Terrell Owens (former NFL player), Chris Bosh (NBA All-Star), Misty May-Treanor (beach volleyball gold medalist), Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls, Parenthood), Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly, Covert Affairs), and Courtney Cox (Cougar Town, and.... oh yeah Friends! Monica and Chandler were together again!)

Not only does this show have some star power behind it, the cast chemistry was amazing. In most big cast shows, you don't normally see all the characters interact with each other on individual levels. For example, on How I Met Your Mother, they poked fun at the fact Robin and Marshall rarely spend time alone with each other. On New Girl, there aren't too many instances where Nick and Cece are together or talk if not for Jess. Go On was one of the rare instances I've seen where most of the characters not only had a team up episode or moment with someone completely different but it wasn't awkward or forced. The way everyone played off each others particular quirks or were able to accept each other was smooth and felt genuine despite being polar opposites.

The Cleverness

Ah.... I see what you did there!
Ah.... I see what you did there!

When talking about grief or loss of a loved one, you would think it would be difficult to find a sense of humor in such a terrible topic. In most cases, you would be correct. But with Go On, it was really easy to find great ways to spin a depressing part of life into hilarious (and sometimes awkward) moments. Like when Ryan doesn't know how to break the news to his gardener that his wife past away:

Or this scene when he gets his late wife's life insurance check:

The show is full of random funny moments and not just from the local weirdo, Mr. K. All the characters have their moments to shine with their one-liners or strange habits and idiosyncrasies.

The Message

The main focus of this show was around a support group for those who have lost someone or something dear to their hearts. Whether it was a brother, child, spouse, eye sight, or even a pet, grief hits us all in different ways and for different reasons. Despite the hardships in our lives, we have to find the inner strength to move along. This show demonstrates that everyone has their own process to get through tough times. And no matter who it is, a quiet teen, a military veteran, a cat lady, or a famous radio personality, everyone can use help.

Just looking back on this show, it had so much potential to be a new classic. And, like a lot of other great shows out there, some are ended way before their time. With such an abrupt end, the show left a lot of unanswered questions and rather unresolved story lines. Nevertheless, Go On is still a show worth watching. And who knows, with the rare occasions of cancelled shows getting picked up for another season (Arrested Development, Community), Go On could get a breath of new life if a cult following develops. So let's get the ball rolling and give this show a chance one more time!

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