BySteve Schroeder, writer at
Steve Schroeder

I can't comment on equality in the States but what I can comment on is equality in general and greed as a hole. I was talking to a female friend the other day who makes 1200 a day as a consultant to a large automotive manufacturer. Now when it comes to equality why is it that people in the lumber industry, truckers, mechanics and the people that make it possible for doctors, consultants, and lawyers etc. to get to work or to have a roof over their heads at night make less than half the wages of their counter parts? Is that equality in her books? For that matter Patricia Arquette's net worth is 24 million dollars. There are a lot of people that are able to have a wonderfully fulfilled life with 1 million dollars. Why are we pressuring the governments of our countries to help with our homeless vets, kids and the homeless in general when just one "old" movie star could make such a large impact on the world and not just be an advocate for female equality in the work place? I mean really? You want to speak up and yet you use your stature to evoke issues that can easily be resolved. My answer to your problem: have the 72 million females in the U.S. which amounts to 47 percent of the total U.S. labor force simply walk out! Easy! Now go donate at least half of your net worth to help the homeless and get on the other Hollywood elites to join in that fight and really make a difference! TY Steve.


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