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Post high school, you realize all the hot jocks that had their peaks in high school are really not the guys you are crushing hard on nowadays. Beer guts begin to form, after six years in community college they drop out, and they still live with their parents.

Same with the popular chick who seemed to have it all. Her skin has become wrinkly from partying, she's gone to rehab about four times, and her hair extensions look like they haven't been taken care of in years.

Once maturity hits, you open your eyes and realize that the nerds are the ones who really have it going on. Graduating from universities like Stanford and Harvard, their acne has cleared up, they've grown a few inches, their glasses actually look really attractive, and they have impressive goals for their futures.

Not only that, but they sure know how to pick a phenomenal present that can really pull on the geeky heartstrings of a person. Below are some real-life gestures done by nerds to show just how much they love their significant others.

1. Video Games and Food

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Chips, salsa, and GTA V? Delicious and fun.

2. A Very Potter Christmas

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I would probably die of happiness if anybody ever did this for me. I've been dying to see the Great Hall in person!

3. Getting Artsy With Link

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Seeing as I am barely capable of making a decent stick figure, this sweet, artistic gesture is really awesome.

4. Sleep Trekking in Style

[Source: Think Geek]

Drift off to sleep in space with these comfy dresses. Your man or woman won't be able to stop cuddling with you.

5. Cooking With R2D2

[Source: Think Geek]

I actually bought this for my boyfriend last year and he loves playing with it more than using it to measure ingredients when cooking. Go figure.

6. Showering in the TARDIS

[Source: Think Geek]

Transport to another time with this awesome shower curtain. Your significant other might want to join you, too.

7. Breaking Breakfast

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These are the perfect mugs to put your coffee, tea, or, you know, meth in.

Just kidding. Don't do meth.

8. Elvish Love

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It's super sexy when your significant other speaks in a foreign tongue. Languages like Spanish, French, and Elvish are at the top of the list.

9. Leia and Han

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My boyfriend has said this to me plenty of times before. Perhaps we need these towels? Don't worry, I've jokingly said it back, too.

10. A Stroll Through the Parks and Rec

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Nearly nothing is more romantic than a little pony, especially the incredible Li'l Sebastian.

11. It's Ah-Cake

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Food is one of the greatest gifts one could receive, and cake tops the list. If the cake has your favorite character adorned on top of it too, that makes it even more special!

For my 21st birthday, my boyfriend bought me a necklace consisting of the Deathly Hallows symbol. Nearly four years later, we are still together, and he continues to give me the best, nerdiest gifts.

Which are clearly the best ones of all, along with his love and support.

[Source: Dorkly, Think Geek]


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