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Being a few years old this might not be news by anyone's standards, but good fan art truly never goes out of style. Although Disney Princesses are far from perfect or demure, until ladies like Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, and Anna, they were largely more dignified and graceful than your average non-Princess.

But in 2006, the artist Brianna Garcia gave us a piece of art that showed off the lesser seen goofy sides of the Princesses. Seeing the characters we're all so familiar with let loose for once was definitely a breath of fresh air and made them all the more relatable.

Brianna Garcia / DeviantArt
Brianna Garcia / DeviantArt

A few years later, a group of Disney Princess cosplayers (plus Tinker Bell) got together to recreate the goofy antics immortalized by this work of fan art. I must say, they absolutely nailed it. But maybe that's because they had someone very familiar with the source material helping them out?

Probably the best thing about this recreation is that the woman dressed as Alice in the photo is actually the artist, Brianna!

Even though it's been almost a decade since Brianna became known for her silly Princess picture, if her Instagram account is any indication, her love of Disney, drawing, and cosplay has only gotten better with time.

For instance, she's wholeheartedly embraced some the newer Princesses and incorporated them fantastically into her repertoire.

Take the women of Frozen, for example

How do I get my hands on Elsa's dress? Seriously that thing is absolutely stunning.

Maybe Tangled is more your style

Rapunzel's freckles are probably the most adorable thing I'll see today.

Or Brave for any of you Merida fans out there

Especially ones who have always wanted to see the Scottish archer as a Hobbit-style lady Dwarf.

Or these gorgeous sketches of Tiana from The Princess and the Frog

If you're as impressed with Brianna Garcia's wonderfully unique work as I am, be sure to visit her DeviantArt, Tumblr, and Instagram profiles.

And if you want to actually own some of her work, head over to Society6 where her prints, t-shirts, and other awesome stuff are for sale.

(Source: Brianna Garcia)


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