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If you've spent some time in Los Angeles, and even if you haven't, you might be aware of 'Star Maps.' Star Maps are basically a scam, often with outdated info on where some of the biggest celebrities live (or used to live) in the city where the most celebrities do, in fact, reside.

The information is sensitive, obviously, since celebrities have a lot of money and very little privacy to begin with. Star Maps is a tool that help people with bad intentions stalk some of Hollywood's biggest stars - and their children. In these seven cases, major celebrities were almost kidnapped by some of those crazies.

Not all of these happened in Los Angeles, FYI. There are evil people everywhere! Check out all of the near-kidnappings and what happened to the people behind them.

1. David Letterman's son was nearly kidnapped in 2003

The near kidnapping: Who would ever want to do something F'd up to David Letterman? Somebody who wants money, that's who. A house painter at Letterman's Montana home plotted to kidnap the nanny and 15-month-old (at the time) son of the late night comedian.

The result: Kelly Frank plead guilty to lesser charges, and was sentenced to ten years. However, he briefly escaped in 2007, before being apprehended a few days later.

2. Victoria Beckham a.k.a. Posh Spice has almost been kidnapped several times

The near kidnapping(s): In 2000, Scotland Yard, one of the more badass organizations in the U.K., had to move Victoria to a safe house after a plot to kidnap her and her child surfaced. Also, in March of 2000, while she was rehearsing for the Brit Awards, a red dot appeared on Beckham's chest. Clearly, everyone panicked, and later the police would find a fire exit door open and speculated that it was used by the would-be assassin. There was also a less credible threat in 2002 that was foiled.

The result: Nobody was hurt.

3. Frank Sinatra Jr. was kidnapped and a $240,000 ransom was actually paid by his father

The near (actual) kidnapping: This one seems like something straight out of a movie. The son of a world famous legend was kidnapped, blindfolded, and thrown in a trunk of a car after dining in a Lake Tahoe restaurant.

The result: His father was forced to actually go through with paying a $240,000 ransom for his son to be returned. The perpetrators were eventually found, arrested, and the money was returned. People thought it might have been a publicity stunt to revive Frank Jr's not-too-popping career, though.

4. Russell Crowe was targeted by al-Qaeda as part of a larger terrorism plot

The near kidnapping: As part of a larger plan to "culturally destabilize" the United States, Russell Crowe was the only known victim (there were probably others) of a 2001 kidnapping plot by al-Qaeda. The FBI and Secret Service gave Crowe protection for a while but wouldn't let him know much about the threat.

The result: Crowe was quoted as saying that he "never fully understood what in the f*ck was going on," and that makes perfect sense since the Australian actor isn't even American-born. Obviously, al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was eventually brought to justice multiple years later.

5. A paranoid schizophrenic man planned to rape Steven Spielberg in 1998

The near kidnapping: A former bodybuilder named Jonathan Norman had a sexual obsession that led him to stalk film director Steven Spielberg. He planned to rape him.

The result: The man was sentenced Wednesday to 25 years to life in prison after a judge called the defendant's behavior "frightening."

6. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones had tremendous security for their kids since Douglas was nearly kidnapped when he was 6

The near kidnapping: Michael Douglas was born into a famous family, and he experienced first hand the real issue of kidnapping in important families with money. At 6, he was nearly kidnapped at his father Kirk Douglas' apartment. For this reason, he made sure that his children with Catherine Zeta-Jones were protected by ex-Special Forces bodyguards.

The result: Michael Douglas was able to hide until the kidnappers eventually got bored and left. It must have taken serious guts to be 6 years old and ride out that incredibly terrifying situation!

7. Madonna's kids became a target when she was touring in Israel

The near kidnapping: Madonna was in Israel in 2004 touring when a Palestinian group sent the singer threatening letters with detailed information about her children. Scary stuff.

The result: Madonna was extremely disturbed by the event and decided to cancel her remaining Israeli concerts.

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