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CW and Arrow helping out TNT Titans/Blackbirds to make it a spin off of Arrow and having an actor of the CW? And getting another Arrow spin off on TNT?

Hold Up! Don't hate! This might be fake.

Steven R. McQueen has been noticed by Arrow. Also the CW said in an interview "We have an actor on here that's going to another channel to play a hero. But that won't be the end of him in the show".

But also like he isn't a regular on The Vampire Diaries. But he will be in it. But TNT and the CW Working together might bring Constantine back on track as also a spin off of Arrow.

Justin Bieber 1 day made fake rumors of him being Robin? But wait! He walked in on set of Arrow after this:

Is he playing Robin?

We don't know. A lot has changed. Actor Jake T. Austin said "Things are changed, i will be on a new show on T... I can't say more, but i will be playing a badass character!"

What if with CW and Arrow helping TNT out gives them more money to have Beast Boy on the show?

We also haven't heard a lot of Daniel Sharman lately.

Colton said that it won't be the last of him?

More Shows of the DC Comics on the way?

Kid Flash universe might happen, called "Team heroes" (Spin off of The Flash)

Arsenal and Red Robin might be a spin off of Arrow. (Starring Daniel Sharman and Colton Haynes)

Spin off Constantine to TNT (Starring Matt Ryan)

Spin off TITANS to TNT (Starring Steven R. McQueen, Jake T. Austin and Justin Bieber)

Spin off "Different Universe" might happen (Starring Cody Christian & Natt Wolf) it's a comedy serie, about a universe we might or might not see on The Flash, but it's a supernatural universe, were all human beings are supernatural. With 2 Best friends that end up as 2 human beings in the universe, when 1 gets bitten by something supernatural, it get's dark and funny. I don't know if it's true, but it did look true. hinted me all those things. I can only hope for it to happen.

Check out:,manual,manual,manual,manual (True Article)


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