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All of us were afraid of something when we were kids. Whether it was a certain horror movie monster, a rollercoaster, or even the dark, fear is a concept that we learn early on. What scared me the most as a child was a little TV show known as The X-Files -- and luckily for my parents, who loved the show, turning it on would send me marching straight to my room. Going to bed early was way better than sitting through their scary alien show.

Fast-forward almost two decades later, and here I am, marathoning a series that I never thought I'd enjoy, all in an effort to catch up before the highly anticipated premiere of the new revival launching in January.

Now, FOX has released an extended trailer that brings back new faces, introduces a few interesting new players, and brings Mulder and Scully back together again. Check it out:

Has Mulder finally discovered the key -- and what has happened in the years upon years that our (original) favorite supernatural hunters have been apart?

The X-Files revival premieres Sunday, January 24, 2016 on FOX.


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