ByAbbie Hopson, writer at

1. HIS HAIR. We all notice the hair. I'm sure someone could pull off that hair but it would be like they were stealing part of Hugh Jackman, not wolverine. Please fox, give us a memorable, devastating death that'll leave us crying and thinking or weeks.

2. HE LOOKS THE PART. His stance, his hair, his voice: I mean seriously, if he wasn't so sweet he'd be Logan. Every actor I've considered personally for the role only has one of those. Only a couple had the stance and a few had the hair. My personal preference would be Henry Cavill just because he's a great actor and knows how to be a superhero. But of course he's busy being the savior of the world not some reckless bum from 19th century Canada.

3. HE IS THE PART. When he's on screen, he's one with wolverine. The anger, the eyebrows, and the clipped humor sets his whole personality and it's a thing only Jackman can pull off. I don't want to see anyone else do an epic fail at the eyebrows. Even if they get it down, can they do the nose thing simultaneously?

4. WE ALL LOVE HIM. He's a great actor. He's in family movies, superhero movies, romance movies, and Broadway plays. Was this guy sent from heaven because I don't know anyone that can be a young maiden's love interest one second and an angry beast the second. We all love him as wolverine and most of us would agree he's the only Logan this world will ever see.

5. HIS. On and off screen, he has his own character. On screen in particular, he always has this look like the past is stuck in the front of his brain. It's Hugh's Wolverine's past not anyone else's. I don't want anyone to come in and pretend to be someone that's looked and acted different for the past 15 years.

I'm definitely hoping for the epic death in Wolverine 3 but I know it's probably not going to happen. Whatever happens, I'm hoping for the best and I'll try to be content with [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) and Wolverine 3. What are your thoughts?


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