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What's the talk?

Destiny one of Bungie's most interesting child has just turned one just 3 weeks ago. Destiny has had us hooked on its trailers and promises since 2012 announcement by the company. Let's take a look to see the changes made for The Taken King.

The Story of The Taken King (spoilers)

Lets face it the original story of Destiny and its past two DLC releases were a bit disappointing to the public.... especially the story. Over the past year Destiny has been criticized for one of the most confusing and dull story ever. They tried to fill this in with Grimoire cards that no one cared about. We wanted animation and action scenes. The Taken King gladly provided man with a new story. In the very beginning we already get a decent cut scene describing the fall of the awoken. Let's face it the graphics were amazing and I was surprised that I wasn't on my feet cheering Bungie on how well it was, but it wasn't just that. Bungie had actually made a interesting story line that many of us love. Honestly here Bungie has definitely made an improvement that we all are thanking them for.

What else can I do?

Destiny's taken king promised an amazing 9 hours of campaign but we were met with about 2 hours average and spread across characters you would have 6 hours on repeat. Lets face it Bungie cant do everything, but they added a great filler that gets you involved in much more of the game...That's right something new. Destiny has side quest now which hit everyone with a surprise. many questioned how good these are and are they worth it. I will answer yes especially for the new exotic sword! That's right swords. These baby's are only accessible by quest so if you want you might wanna start now.

Heck YAA
Heck YAA

Big Changes

Lets face it we all hate the Cryptarch with a burning passion, but now you get to visit you favorite blue idiot even more with the RNG changes (random generated numbers). That's right expect to see more Blue's,purples, and Exotic engrams in the game. Did I just say Exotics! That's right Destiny has added the Legend into the game for real and they do drop ever so often. This is one improvement Destiny needed for the past year. Another thing to check for is your Ghost which is now voiced by Nolan North which I am neutral about. Last if you still haven't downloaded update 2.0 expect a moderate change to your interface because it changed for the better. You can now turn bounty's in without leaving a planet and you can hold many more than 10 now. So lets face it Destiny is on the bright side Now.

The bad news

If you wish to acquire the taken king and you don't have a job, then get ready to sell your kidneys because it will cost you a whopping 40 dollars. This price smashed fans so hard that petitions rose up and many claimed Destiny owed us for the last two so called DLC's that they released. To add on to this Load Destiny released the full game and all of it DLC plus the taken for only 20 dollars more...OUCH!!! Not to mention that you could by the collectors edition for only 80 dollars which had more than the limited edition from the previous year. One more thing about this is Destiny has decided to leave some weapons and armor in the Dust. That's right no more G-horn or thorn both these guns and more will remain at 170 until further notice. Showing Destiny still likes to mess its fan base a little.

Is it worth it!

I will say even if the price is not that good. I would still suggest that you should still buy this. Obviously Bungie pushed them selves and made a good recovery for year with a new raid to start you off and some good quest lines. So go out there and try it out for your selves Guardians. Bungie its redemption time!!!


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