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The first episode titled "Laws of Nature" started out with Jose Gutierrez aka Joey experiencing the after effects of the terrigenesis or what Daisy later calls It a Bio Morphic event. A bottle of fish oil is seen on the counter and the remains of Joey's cocoon. Joey has no idea that he is an Inhuman or what is happening so he is wondering the streets. Joey has the ability to melt metal from up to 3 meters away. The mysterious tactical unit come to later be known as the Advanced Threat Containment Unit (ATCU for short) stops Joey at gunpoint and were given an order to use lethal force if necessary. Joey tries to explain that he is just trying trying to get to a hospital and will go with them off they promise not to hurt him. As he places his hands on the hood of a car it melts the hood and the tips of the. Guns of the ATCU agents close to him also causing a blast. Joey is able to get away and gets pinned down in an alley way. Before the agents can get to Joey which they most likely were going to kill him Daisy blasts them causing them to fly out of the scene along with a car. While Mack sets a smoke flare off Hunter sets not the ground what seems to be an X marks the spot device for a pod that drops down and acts as an elevator that can fly.

The ATCU team secures the area finding no signs of Daisy and her team or the newly discovered Inhuman Joey. Constance Summer's character Rosalind joins the seen in an SUV telling an agent "There were helicopters for God's sake this is getting harder to go unnoticed." While Coulson snaps a picture of Rosalind blending in as a spectator.

Back on the bus Daisy explains to Joey that he experienced a Bio Moronic event and the short version is his DNA was altered. He wanted a long version but she told him that she would explain later. She tells him they will need to keep him safe in the pod until they land and he should get some rest. Coulson meets up with Daisy and asks how he was doing and if it was another fish oil incident. She confirms it is and they are glad they were able to extract him mentioning they did not get so lucky with the others. Coulson and Daisy try to figure out who the team is and who is leading them. Which they later find out is the ACTU and Rosalind is in charge.

Back on the base Bobbi meets Joey for the first time telling him they are going to run tests and hold him for his protection. Joey lashes out at her telling her she doesn't know him and don't try to pretend that she does. She tells him a few details she gathered about him just from his Facebook page telling him he seems to care more about others than himself. Bobbi also revealed that Joey is a homosexual and will be the first gay character portrayed on screen in the MCU so far. Calming him down she exits the room so he can get changed and prepared for his tests. Bobbi seems to be recovering well from her run in with Ward where she took a bullet meant for Hunter and was seen in bad shape in the season two finale. She will most likely be on light duty for awhile until her knee is finished healing.

Back in the lab Bobbi is asked by Coulson where Fitz is and she tells him he is tracing another lead on the monolith and Jenna. At this point some time has passed and the rest of the team has given up hope on finding Jenna and are prepared to face the fact that she may be dead leaving Fitz to find her on his own. Coulson tells Bobbi to call in Fitz to come back to base they need him in the lab. Bobbi calls Fitz but he is tracing down a lead in Tangier, Morrocco he tells her he will be in as soon as he is done tracking down his lead. Fitz seems to be more himself as we came to know him in the first season showing signs he is almost to full recovery.

While in Morrocco Fitz is looking for a man named Yussef which gets him abducted and taken to Yussef. He tells Fitz that he needs to open the briefcase that Fitz brought with him or he is going to kill him. Fitz spills his heart to Yussef about how his best friend has already been taken from him and he needs to find her. He tells him that he traced the whereabouts of an ancient scroll and he is 90% certain Yussef has it. So he can trade him the scroll for what is in the briefcase or just kill him and use the briefcase as a booster seat. So Yussef agrees to trade and puts the scroll on the table. Fitz opens the briefcase to what looks to be filled with splinter bombs. He tells him those are the same bombs that killed Sunil Bakshi and leave no evidence. Yussef decides to double cross Fitz but Yussef accidentally sets off the bomb he had in his hand which turned out to be only flash grenades Fitz grabs the scroll and flees while Yussef's men shoot at him and Fitz tests away unscathed.

Daisy and Mack talk to Joey and tell him he is an Inhuman and can not go back to his life he had before they will need to keep him until they deem he is not a threat. Joey tries to get hostile with Daisy but she blasts him with a little warning shot that sets off a mild earthquake on the base. Which of course knocks Joey out. Daisy tells Coulson they need Lincoln's help with Joey and anymore Inhumans they may find so Coulson tells Mack and Daisy to try again and get him to help.

While Mack and Daisy are trying to enlist the help of Lincoln, the team finds the whereabouts of Rosalind so Coulson and Hunter go to find her and have a friendly chat. As it turns out it is a trap and Hunter and Coulson find themselves surrounded by ATCU agents. Coulson and Rosalind talk and she asks him about the Inhumans they found dead implying Coulson's team killed them. Coulson wondered if it wasn't them or the ATCU killing the Inhumans then who is.

Back at the hospital Daisy and Mack trap Lincoln in a hospital room and she pleads for his help. Lincoln tells them he is not interested and to stay out of his life. Mack grabs Lincoln and tells him to let Daisy finish and he is not scared of Lincoln even though he knows what he is capable of. Things almost escalate when the hospital lights start flickering like a power surge just happened. Daisy tells him to cool off and Lincoln tells her it is not him. They all run out off the room to see what happened and they spot Lash. Lash is an Inhuman that seems to be adapted well to his powers showing signs that he has been bio morphed for some time now. Lash grabs a man asking him where he can find the Inhuman them he stops and looks at Lincoln and says never mind. It appears that Lash was looking for Lincoln all along and is responsible for the death of the other Inhumans. Daisy and Lincoln engage in a battle with Lash but he gets away. Back on the subway Rosalind gets a call about the incident and edits to the next car to take the call. Coulson asks an agent to get his phone out of his pocket for him but ends up hitting him with his prosthetic arm while Hunter calls for a return pod back to the bus allowing them to flee. Lincoln gets away at the hospital still uncooperative in willing to help Daisy with the Inhumans. Daisy and Mack hear the ATCU entering the hospital so they flee.

Back on the base Mack describes Lash to a sketch artist. Thee analysis Bobbi ran on the contamination finishes its estimation of where the terregenenisis ended up which shows it spread world wide no big surprise there. The president of the United States is shown in a press conference on TV where he explains the need for the advanced threat containment unit. He the quotes something Rosalind said to Coulson on the subway which is "the laws of nature have changed until the laws of man change to reflect that we must do what we feel is right." Which Coulson says "you really do have people taking orders from you."

Coulson sees Fitz in the lab and explains to him his leads are going nowhere. Fitz tries to explain that he believes the monolith is a black hole that can be used as a transportation device. And the scroll can prove that he opens it and a word in Hebrew is on the paper which translates to Death. Coulson tells Fitz he is going to tell Jemma's family that she is M.I.A. and he should move because they need him and his big brain. Another nod that Fitz is nearly recovered. Fitz then in anger grabs a shotgun and goes to where the monolith is being stored and a not a the lock so he can open the case. He then yells at the monolith "do something" while pounding on it.

The end scene shows Jemma on a planet which seems to be in another Galaxy running from something an unknown character that is growling in the distance. And that is the end of the episode. I apologize if I may have missed a few details and sorry if this spoiled it before you got to watch the episode yourself. Join us next week for the review of the second episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


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