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A few weeks ago, an update on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had the world scratching its head. It started with a rumor that Warner Bros was hoping that this blockbuster featuring both Batman and Superman would focus mainly on the Dark Knight. Fans showed preemptive concerns about this rumor, but this update was still formed from speculation. That was until the film's director, Zack Snyder, confirmed that the upcoming movie would have an emphasis on Batman's story. This confirmation had fans up in arms as Superman needs to have a major presence in the 2016 film too. While objections to this direction are understandable, I could not help but wonder... is having an emphasis on Batman in Dawn of Justice such a bad thing?

As I said, backlash against this direction is understandable. Batman has had a major impact on the world of movies with the Caped Crusader already having several features to his name. So the idea of Batman having a large focus in Dawn of Justice could be seen as Warner Bros being too cautious with the DC Cinematic Universe. Due to the divisive reaction towards Man of Steel, it could be that the studio want Batman to have a bigger role in the 2016 film in order for the film to have a better chance at succeeding. If this is the case, then this move by Warner Bros. could be illogical in the creation of this cinematic universe. If Batman is getting all this attention then how are other characters supposed to stand out? While their reasoning is rational, this could be a problem when it comes to WB attempting to create a larger franchise.

So, yes, there is an issue to this information - but does this mean Dawn of Justice is doomed to fail? Seeing that we are still months away from its release, everything about this blockbuster is possible. Yet, even with this new information, I do not believe that moviegoers should panic over the film's direction with Batman. The trailer is a big indicator that there is nothing to fear. Even though the preview features a great deal of the Dark Knight, there is also a heavy emphasis on Superman. The Man of Steel did not come off as an afterthought in the trailer. Instead, a lot of the tension focuses on Superman; from the world's perception of him to Batman's main conflict centering on the famed hero. While time will tell how much this questionable direction will affect the movie, I feel that the preview shows us that both Batman and Superman will be in the spotlight.

The other thing that needs to be considered is how a big focus on Batman makes sense. The fact of the matter is that Batman v Superman is the first time we will see the Dark Knight in this universe. It is true that even those who live under rocks know the origins of Batman, as his story has been told time and time again. Yet, even though Batman plays a prominent part in pop culture, he has to be introduced in some fashion when the character is put into a new medium. It's storytelling 101. A character needs to be introduced in some way in order for him/her to move forward. I think the differential factor for Batman in the DCU is how the filmmakers go about telling his story. With Bruce Wayne coming out of retirement and donning his cape and cowl, this gives Dawn of Justice a way to reintroduce Batman without it coming off as rehashed. We may not need another origin film for Batman, but we do need a way to introduce the Dark Knight in a new franchise, and it seems that Dawn of Justice could be a compelling way to reboot the iconic hero.

In all honesty, Dawn of Justice needs to focus on both Batman and Superman in order for the movie to work. With Dawn of Justice being the debut of this “new” Batman, the blockbuster needs to have a strong focus on the character to make give the Dark Knight screen time, not to mention his future appearances, truly effective. Again, it all depends on how this direction plays out, but until I have more information, I feel that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the hotly anticipated confrontation between these of two caped titans.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016.


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