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There is spoilers for both the show and comic-book series following, so... you've been warned!

While re-watching season 5:

(Mid-season premiere, Episode 9,'What Happened and Whats Going On') That particular episode was full of little Easter eggs for us fans to sort through and enjoy, many of which were of Negan! Including: Razor-wire and a baseball bat. But what I found, was a little more evidence on that particular bat.

After Tyreese had been bitten and Noah runs off to find help, the scene jumps to show Glenn, Michonne, and Rick rummaging through a garage for supplies. There's a frame with a shirt in it, Michonne breaks the glass and gets the shirt. Rick goes on to say something along the lines of,"What was that for?" Shaking the broken glass off the shirt she replies,"What? Its a clean shirt?"

The Shirt/Jersey.

The jersey is your typical baseball uniform. The one looked a lot similar to the one worn by the baseball legend Babe Ruth: which can be seen below.

He was very proud of his bats. More notably, his wooden Louisville Sluggers'. Which, some of the letters of 'Louisville' could even be slightly scraped/covered up to spell Lucille! Sort of like in the Lego Movie with the Kragle (Krazy Glue). Glenn, who is around Michonne, spots a baseball bat (looks like a wooden 'Slugger'), which is on a plaque/holder thingy, he bends down, picks it up, and carries it with him for the rest of the episode. What happens to it for the rest of the season? Beats me. But I'm guessing he keeps it with him.

But what we had here kids was someone who really liked baseball, that they had a little shrine of it, possibly even one of Babe Ruth. Haha..shrine:

If you didn't get it, it was a pun...hardy har har...

Glenn's Death...

As for all us fans of the Walking Dead know, Glenn is going to die...we may not know when or how, but what we do know is how the poor souls dies in the comics...

You you!
You you!

Who could play Negan?

Kevin Durand was approached for the role, but has not released whether or not he has. With his roles in both The Strain and Vikings, it would make for a pretty tight schedule...

But when Jon Hamm was rumored, us fans went wild!

The Walking Dead season 6 begins for us fans 10.11.15 on AMC.

What Do You Think About My Theory? Who Would Make A Great Negan? Tell Me In The Comments Section Below! THANKS FOR READING!! Don't forget to follow..


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