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Sooooo, we need to talk. About that mid-credits scene in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035). No, not the scene from Ant-Man, the one with Bucky Barnes being trapped and found by Falcon and Captain America, but the other one, the one with Thanos opening some sort of vault and grumbling, "Fine...I'll do it myself," before stealing the golden gauntlet and flashing a smile of diabolical triumph at the audience.

At that moment, many of us in the audience turned to one another and went, "Holy s**t, does that mean he has the gauntlet now?!" And then a second later, "Wait...I thought it was in Asgard. That setting didn't look like Asgard...what?"

But at last night's Age of Ultron Blu-ray and DVD release press event, one very astute writer asked Kevin Feige and Jeremy Latcham point-blank during the Q&A session whether or not the gauntlet we saw Thanos steal was the same one in Asgard.

At first, Feige joked about the specific geekiness of the question:

"Is everybody getting a [Tyler Stout] poster, or is it the person with the nerdiest question? Because it was -- sir, it's a great question. It's a good question."

But then he finally gave us our answer: No. No, they are not the same.

"I may as well answer because you asked it, which I like. It's not the same one. Not the same one."

So there you have it. We now know there are two gauntlets out there somewhere in the world, and now Thanos has one of them. The troubling question now is which one is the real one? And if only one of them is real...which one does Thanos have? Or...were there two gauntlets out there the whole time?

I'm thinking that Asgard has been guarding a decoy gauntlet -- or that there is a second one (you know, left and right hand), and that Thanos, with his infinite contacts and knowledge, knew it...and now has one equal in power. While Asgardians were secure in the knowledge they were keeping the gauntlet safe, Thanos was busy playing a different game and tracking down the matching one.

Update: After tracking down a photo of the one in Asgard, it appears that they're guarding a right-hand gauntlet, while Thanos has the left-hand one -- the one he's always pictured wearing in the comics:

The gauntlet in Asgard
The gauntlet in Asgard

From a storytelling perspective, it just makes it easier that he won't have to break into Asgard to get the gauntlet being held there. Easier to streamline things by having him bypass Asgard altogether, putting the first piece of the Infinity Gauntlet puzzle in place already - now all he has to do is collect the Infinity Stones one by one. And you can guarantee that if we, as the audience, know where at least four of the Stones are now, then so does Thanos.

But where was the other gauntlet stolen from? The place looked industrial, modern, hi-tech. Did he steal it from S.H.I.E.L.D.? Hydra? The Nova Corps HQ?

These are the things that keep Marvel geeks up at night, man. So, so many sleepless nights.

[The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027) - Part I will be in theaters on May 4, 2018.


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