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If there's anything an adult nerd loves, it's decorating their home with the best and most unique commemorative pieces they can find. From R2-D2 garbage cans to Darth Vader coffee mugs, accessorizing with your fandom is a fun, creative way to express love for your favorite things. But this holiday season, ThinkGeek apparently wants you to celebrate it in a big way.

At six feet tall and ten feet long, the inflatable crime lord is almost to-scale with his on-screen predecessor. He lights up and makes for the perfect addition to a Huttslayer Leia photoshoot, but it's recommended that you don't try to choke this one with any metallic chains, especially if you're not a professional rebel princess.

The ornament is $169.99, and it arrives just in time for the Holiday season. Since it's not necessarily festive one way or another, fans of the sinister space slug can leave him lounging out in their yards for as long as they like!


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