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To be honest, I was a little disappointed in Everest. Sure Everest wasn't as messed up as the Green Inferno, but it's also not as tense. I went into this movie expecting to be on the edge of my seat the whole time, but instead a found myself trailing away thinking about other things, mostly about how John Hawkes looks exactly like David from The Last Of Us.

you can already consider that role cast
you can already consider that role cast

But don't get me wrong, Everest is in no way a bad film. It has some great acting, a surprisingly uplifting story, and amazing visuals.

Everest is probably the best 3D movie I've seen sense Jurassic World. I would definitely recommend seeing this movie in 3D.

You know how in these types of movies, you usually have that one dick of the group that you can't wait to see get axed off? Well Everest doesn't have that, every one of these characters are very likable people.

The cast of Everest is a group you would want with you, climbing this mountain.

Over all, I would say Everest is a good time at the movies, and you would not regret seeing it. I would recommend this movie.

And if you have seen this movie, would you want to climb Mt Everest?


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