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I just did some research on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and came across an interesting fact about the money the family made from the show. Can you guess how much they brought in per episode?


Wow. You can't be mad at that pay day for essentially just acting crazy and Southern.

Now, we have additional streams of revenue coming Honey Boo Boo's way; most notably from this music video which I believe to be in the running for the worst... and best of 2015. It could truly go either way depending on how you feel about the gal. Check it out!

Get it girl... she's truly movin' up

The whole fam is groovin'

She's just a small town girl

What is happening right now, though?

Don't be hatin'... do the Honey Boo Boo Bop

An Instagram shout-out of course

I love how they shot the entire video in the same studio with no alternate sets or scenes

They truly banged this video out, creating a dance and everything without being overly careful with the editing or direction. I can't hate though, this will probably make them a lot of money and the nothing-to-something story is always a great one.

Started From the Bottom.

Now we here.

(Via: fishwrapper)


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