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I honestly sometimes wish I had grown up playing with toys in this day in age rather than 15 years ago. Not only are the toys way more technologically advanced, they are also incredibly informative and supportive when it comes to girls' developing bodies.

We all know puberty is a rather awkward time. Between the armpit hair and the monthly bleeding, it can get incredibly stressful and a little bit scary. So imagine if little girls had a Barbie who showed us more or less how natural it was to experience these changes?

This normal Lammily Barbie is one who gets her period. She even comes with a "Period Party" accessory, which includes pad and liner stickers, underwear, a calendar with dot stickers to keep track of her menstruation cycle, and an informational pamphlet.

The company Lammily created this doll in hopes that young girls will feel less confusion and ashamed while getting their periods.

As the pamphlet says:

"Let's start an open and positive conversation about our periods. Learn the facts. Debunk the myths. Celebrate life!"

This Barbie beats any DJ Mom and Dad, as that is probably more embarrassing for a preteen than actually getting her period.

I have to applaud their effort, that Lammily doll seems like the best way to calm a girl's nerves down and learn to "appreciate" her special time of the month - if that's possible.

[Source: Viral Woman]


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