ByAnthony Farhat, writer at
...ns, which is OK for me, for the author to express his own opinions on the subject. But I have to admit that the article is also misleading on many levels, first the series got a cliffhanger with the release of the last single-player DLC titled "Trespasser" for inquisition, which sets new events in motion (spoiler: Solas, previous companion turns out to be an old elven deity determined to bring back his old kingdom and destroy Thedas, the game ends pointing arrows at Tevinter, where the next installment will undoubtedly take place); second, the author clearly lacks arguments, inquisition won GOT for a reason, the author shared his thoughts on the matter without providing any convincing arguments: "it was far from perfect - hell, I didn't even consider it the best candidate for the Game of the Year award - looking at you Dark Souls 2!". I experienced DSII, it proved to be a challenge indeed, but inquisition showed its superiority on every level visuals, story, music, gameplay, art, diversity,... To sum up, I think the critical acclaim and success behind Inquisition will allow the franchise to expand in the upcoming years, (with each installment setting the stage for his sequel.

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